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Mel Zoo: BEST Search Engine with instant previews on a split screen!

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ABOUT AUTHOR (articles available) is to help improve Language Education in all areas, including:
 Serving as a Virtual Language Education Encyclopedia;
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WebHeads Worldwide: View & Collaborate here!

Improbable Planet: How Earth Became HumanityÕ Home (Astro-Physicist Hugh RossÕs GREAT new book)

Visit Connecting All Language Learners

EFL Classroom Blog and Directory (D Deubel)

Collaborative Sharing for Teachers and Webheads using Tapped In Integrates VOA, Daily Proverbs, ESL Podcasts, Quizzes, L1 & L2 Dictionaries and Search Engines.

Kelly Ten-Dictionaries in One Online Encyclopedia
History, Cultural Literacy, Fine Arts, etc.

365 ESL Short Stories: Extensive Reading with full Dictionary and Listening Support! Listening and Reading Free Site for Intermediate ESL Learners delivers any online Newspaper in any language you'd like to read that has one!

'HERS News: Hear, Experience, Read, See'
Simultaneously do Extensive Reading, Listening, & Viewing of Online News (Chen's program using VOA, CNN, etc.)

Lingro Language Learner

Enter any Website to make all words clickable on this site. Lingro remembers all the words you look up, so you can easily review and study them.

Please go here for Quick Start Guide to Snap Account

Language Learning Quick Links

Language learning software
Language learning books & products

My Happy Planet
My Happy Planet

Learn a language. Make friends. Have fun.

A language learning community offering various services to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, writing & listening.

"The Mixxer"
offers chances to teach your language in exchange for learning another.

Top Toolbox for Learning New Words!
Cobbs LexTutor Offers English / French Dictionary / Concordancer; Text-to-Speech & Word Learning Tests & Tools.

Hypertext Builder (from LexTutor)
Build resource-linked texts for online reading. Wire your own texts so Language Learners can use the support of:
E Audio with Text-to-Speech (TTS) sound
E Concordance + Dictionary/Dictionary only (Monolingual or Bilingual for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French (so far)
E Reading-plus: Provides resources to understand every word in any text!

Mr. B's English Learning Links: Cool links for learning English in outline form!
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Favorite CamSoft Collection of CALL Websites (Graham Davie's Great CALL Glossary)

A-Z Topical CALL Reference Bibliography of Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning (Compiled by Vance Stevens)

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Excellent language, internet research and search tools.

78 Websites Every EFL Teacher Should Know

English Resources for Students & Teachers (Illustrated CALL Sites)

Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Online English Language Center (U. of Oregon)

Nations University
Free online Bible education

Mark's ESL World
Weblion Leo's Learning Links

Currency Converter

Weblion Leo’s Learning Links
Weblion Leo’s Learning Links

Jones Avenue Adult Centre Computer Assisted ESL

Search Insightin Dictionary
Find what new words mean right here instantly!



Free download!
Get instant dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia access from your Windows programs with

Concept Mapping
Emap out relationships between conceptual area, semantic field, thematic topics and word relations and associations. Library of Dictionary and Encyclopedia Links

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary


    Into English
    From English

© Ectaco, Inc




Lingo24 Translation
Free translations for major languages Instant Translation for 42 Languages

Lingvosoft free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary
From language:
To language:

online electronic dictionaries

i-OS Apps Pinterest Board (Many of the very best apps for i-Pads!)

Indigenous Model for International Development

The Challenge of Development through Progressive Pentecostalism

In this blog entry, WCIU Assistant Professor of Biblical Studies Grace May responds to a challenge raised by Dr. Bryant Myers on international development through Progressive Pentecostalism.

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (formerly JIS Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies).

God's Fingerprints in Japan 1 & 2

Inquiry Links for Student's Investigations & WebQuests!

iPad Movie Creation

Curated by teacher and technology integrator Tom Mussoline.

ICE-BREAKERS: 5 classic ice breakers you can use with all learners is by Adam Simpson.


The Washington Times has assembled a special guide to conservative and economic solutions to solving immigration, offering several alternatives to the actions offered by the president. You should check it out. You can read the approach advocated by 100 major conservative donors here. And there's lots more.


50 Indispensable Apps for the Foreign Language Classroom'

Isle of Tune

At Isle of Tune, you create music by creating a city. Yes, that's right, you 'drag-and-drop' different parts of a city - homes, cars, trees, etc. - and each one has a musical tone. Then click 'Go' and the car prompts the different elements to do their thing. No registration is required, and you're given the URL address of your creation to share. As a bonus to English Language Learners, the different parts of the city are labeled, so students can pick up vocabulary at the same time. Plus, they can describe their musical creations.

I Fake Siri

I Fake Siri lets you create a fake conversation - in text - with the new iPhone voice feature Siri. You can then link to, or embed, your creation. It's just another fun opportunity for ELL's to practice writing, reading, and speaking.

January's Infographics & Interactives Galore - Part Four

There are just so many good infographics and interactives out there that I've begun a new semi-regular feature called "Infographics & Interactives Galore." You can see others at A Collection Of "The Best" Lists On Infographics and by searching "infographics" on this blog.

Creatorverse: Inventor Tool for Creating new devices!

Creatorverse is a fun free iOS/Android app that is perfect for sparking a kid's creativity. This app focuses on scientific concepts such as: levers, pulleys, joints, and more as a user creates their very own invention and then puts it to motion. This is a very user-friendly app that has users selecting from different shapes, connecting them, adding color, and then watching go into action. Also, a user can browse through other creations and share theirs w/ others. [Reviewed by dkapuler on Jan 06, 2014 at]

Innovations Taxonomy (Harvard Business Review)


A Collection Of Recommendation Lists From Around The Web For iPhone & iPad Apps - Over the past few days, the Web has been awash with recommendation lists of apps for people who received a new iPhone or iPad as a holiday gift. Here are a few of the best ones.

Kindergarteners and IPads, Email, QR Codes, etc. See more at:

The Best Resources For Beginning iPad Users

The Best Sites For Beginning iPhone Users

90 best free iPhone apps 2013 is from TechRadar

Start here: the best apps for all your new devices is from The Verge

11 Best iPad Apps of 2013 is from Mashable

Essential Apps For Your New iPad or iPhone is from Gizmodo

The very best (new) apps of 2013 is from USA Today


Search for educational content across the web and filter it by degree of difficulty. Great for finding materials for your lesson plans. instaGrok is an interactive search engine for learners that not only finds quality educational materials on any topic, but presents information in an engaging visual way, and helps students develop research and curation skills. InstaGrok displays the context of any topic as a dynamic, visual web of important concepts and relationships. Students navigate this web based on their particular interests and adjust difficulty level based on their knowledge level. They begin to grasp the topic by looking at the Key Facts, and then dive deeper into quality educational websites, videos and images. Students can personalize the graph by pinning artifacts to it. Auto-generated quizzes offer stimulating active recall practice that re-enforces learning. Built-in journals help develop research and synthesis skills, and allow teachers to track students' progress.

Best Online Sources For Images


Infinite English

Infinite English has just announced a whole new way to Learn English: A SmartPhone cloud application that functions like a native English tutor and targets fluency. For the first time ever, on your smart device, you can select unlimited content from anywhere, read out loud, get immediate tutor-like feedback on fluency, pronunciation, definitions, vocabulary and translations. For educators: assign any content you like to the students from a free Infinite English web page and it will just show up on your student's device. They practice on your assigned content and you can instantly see how they are performing by assignment, as an average, or by class. Set up as many separate classes as you need. Assign and track from any webpage.

What is ImTranslator?

Online Translator performs real-time translation for most languages and their combinations.

TTS Voice presented by animated speaking characters will read the text in the most realistic, human-sounding way in a variety of languages.

Spell Checker delivers full-featured high-quality spell-checking tool for accurate input.

Multilingual Dictionary provides the translation of single words, common phrases and idiomatic expression.

Virtual Keyboard supports multilingual text input.

Russian Decoder

A Few Nice Infographics

The Best Sites For Learning About Nuclear Weapons

Top Countries with Nuclear weapons infographic

This infographic "outlines different hand gestures of peace and where in the world the gesture may have originated."

The Best Resources For Learning About The "Achievement Gap"

Nice interactive infographic from GOOD on the "opportunity gap."

American Homes Through the Decades

Here is another pretty interesting interactive infographic. It's from Trulia.

IMMIGRATION MAPPING: Interactive Infographic: "The state of U.S. immigration"

The state of U.S. immigration is a very well-done and informative interactive infographic from The Washington Post. Plus, there are links on its page to several other useful Post immigration resources. More at The Best Sites For Learning About Immigration In The United States.

The (Oita and other Prefectures in Japan)

Learn the INTERNET Basics Visualized!

The IRL Fetish="In Real Life"

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Live from the iPad Summit (Jennifer Carey)

Teacher Jen Carey left the first iPad Summit, held at the Harvard Medical School, with three takeaways: the iPad is just a remarkable piece of hardware; iPad implementation requires large-scale professional development; and if iPad implementation doesn't redefine the way educators use technology to create and perform tasks, it's not worth the investment. BLOG about Using Tech in Education.

i-Movie Shortcuts.

The Washington Post's "The year in graphics, 2012"

The Washington Post has just published The year in graphics, 2012. It's no where near as impressive as The NY Times version, but it still has some pretty good stuff. See more at The Best Infographics Of 2012, where you can also find The Times link. Its found at 2012: The Year in Graphics, and it's absolutely terrific!

I Dig Science

I Dig Science is a project of Global Kids with the Field Museum of Chicago. Starting in 2008, groups of high schoolers in New York City and Chicago have gone into the virtual world to learn about science, evolution, and biology, as well as the complex social and cultural issues of particular countries.

The Innovative Educator

Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research

The Inter/National Coalition for Electronic Portfolio Research studies the impact of electronic portfolio use on student learning and educational outcomes.

International Reading Association

The International Reading Association is a nonprofit, global network of individuals and institutions that supports literacy professionals through a wide range of resources, advocacy efforts, volunteerism, and professional development activities.

International Society for Technology in Education

The International Society for Technology in Education is a resource for professional development, knowledge generation, advocacy, and leadership for innovation.

The Innovative Educator is a blog maintained by Lisa Nielsen to share information, ideas, and resources with other educators as well as begin to grow a community interested in educating innovatively.

International Technology Education Association (ITEA)

The International Technology Education Association is a professional organization for technology, innovation, design, and engineering educators that promotes technological literacy



Two Nice Interactive Infographics

Interactive: global energy sources is from, and lets you show the amount of each kind of fossil fuel individual countries use.

The OECD Better Life Index describes itself like this

There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics - This Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. Even thought it doesn't quite fit, I'm adding it to The Best Lists Of "Best Places To Live."

Sites You Can Use For Learning Too

Nice Short - & Cool - Videos For English Language Learners. Nice videos to show ELL's and then have them describe what they see.

Great Immigration Infographics - For Each State!

Thanks to Judie Haynes and Rusiana Westerland, today I learned about fifty immigration infographics - one for each state - from the Immigration Policy Center. First to this link and click on the state on the U.S. map. Each state has an infographic map.

Educational iOS Apps


(Written by dkapuler on Oct 11, 2012 01:49 pm)

GazziliWorld is a nice company that designs beautiful looking iOS apps for preschool aged children. These apps cover: words, puzzles, shapes, and science, w/ math and letters soon to follow. I downloaded the Gazzili Word game for my kids and loved how easy it was for them to use. My 3 yr old had a blast w/ the different games in the app that focuses on fingerprints, rainbows, and balance. For Pinterest board on Educational iOS apps click here.

Internet's Top 100 Sites for 2011

(From Dave Kapuler's Tech Tips)

iBooks Authoring Tool

Available free on the Mac App store, iBooks Author is an amazing new app that allows anyone to create beautiful Multi-Touch textbooks - and just about any other kind of book - for iPad. With galleries, video, interactive diagrams, 3D objects, and more, these books bring content to life in ways the printed page never could.

Interactive Lit Sites

Interactive Reading Sites: for use with Interactive Whiteboards.

Instapaper: Save interesting web pages for reading later

Save long web pages to read later, when you have time, on your computer, iPhone, iPad, or Kindle.


iPlan Lessons is an iPad/iPhone app ($9.99) While the price is a bit steep for an app, it offers up a great solution for teachers to keep and interact w/ their lessons all in once place. A teacher can keep track of their students, integrate their lessons w/ a calendar and add lessons w/ categories and resources. There is even an area for reports (not sure if they are automatically generated) which is nice. Platforms: iPhone

Vocre [voh-krey] is a new translation app from myLanguage that allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere - without language being a barrier.

Description: Vocre is a new translation app from myLanguage that allows anyone to communicate instantly with anybody from anywhere - without language being a barrier. With a new spin on usability, this app is a first step in helping the world communicate more easily.

iSpeech Technologies Used: Text to Speech

iTranslate - the free translator

Platforms: iPhone, iPad, Android

Description: Make a conversation... in ANOTHER LANGUAGE! By combining voice recognition, machine translation and voice output, iTranslateª is the first app to make the legendary SciFi dream of a Universal Translator reality.

iSpeech Technologies Used: Text to Speech, Speech Recognition (Coming soon)


Common Sense Media has released a wonderful video on internet safety for kids. I recommend checking out this great site for useful resources for all sorts of safe ways for using the internet w/ kids.

Intercultural websites:

Reading, Writing, Listening, Speeches, etc.

OK Pronunciation Site Guide; English-English Dictionary Sites

TOEFL/TOEIC (so-so), Intercultural Links*, Tech ESL, ELL Link Sites

E-Books versus i-Pads?

Classrooms, Technology and The All Mighty Dollar. Search the Web in 7 (European) Languages, using your own Preferred one. Many of the Websites listed here offer Machine Translations from/to Japanese to/from English, Chinese and Korean, as well as various European languages, at least the 5 major ones.


Imageloop is a cool new free site/app for creating slideshows. This is an app for iPhoto/iPod touch that allows users to snap a photo and then immediately create a slideshow w/ the touch of a button. Once the slideshow is created it can then be shared to popular social networking sites, (ie, Twitter/Facebook). Check out Imageloop by clicking here!! For KapulerÕs top 10 sites for creating a slideshow click here.

iPads in the Classroom

A collection of tips, tricks, apps, tutorials and more for use of the iPad tablet to support teaching and learning.


Imendi is an excellent site for people trying to learn a foreign language. Can be used by foreign language teachers and students to enforce daily lessons. There are lots of lessons/games to choose from.

International, your international student and study abroad online portal for those who are looking to further their education overseas. Browse to learn how you can have an international life.

English Resources for Students & Teachers

(Illustrated CALL Sites)

Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Instant Upload - Chippy's Hiblue Lab

The Instant Upload service automatically sends every photo and video taken to Picasa where it can be tagged, modified and shared, from any web browser!

IT: Information Technology Degree Programs

iPad Workshop & Activities

iPad Workshop as part of Globally Connected Learning Consulting, heavily based on hands-on activities that allow educators to experience first-hand immediate access to information as well as the fluency the iPad can provide to create and share to an authentic, global audience.


Instacalc is a nice shareable calculator that can be embedded into a site. Also, a user can create colored charts and look up formulas, which is an excellent feature of most spreadsheets. [Written by dkapuler on Aug 22, 2011 06:11 pm]

Icebreakers, Energizers, and Back to School Ideas

Links from the Schrockguide to help you get ready to start the new school year


iMeet is a wonderful site for doing meetings or video chats on the web. At first glance this reminds me of Google+'s "hangouts". This is a visually stunning innovative site that allows up to 15 users at once. Also, there is the ability to share all types of files, text chat, etc etc. Keep in mind this is not a free site (free 30 day trial) but $69 a month. (Written by dkapuler on Jul 17, 2011 11:51 pm) Give iMeet a try by clicking here. Be sure to check out other similar sites: FaceFlow; Caffein and BoostCam.


Technology Tidbits and iGrade Plus proudly offer a free premium iGrade Plus account. For a chance to win a free subscription to this excellent online grade book click here!!! For more on iGrade Plus click here.

TOP 50 IT APPS: Written by dkapuler

Being a huge advocate of lists, I was pleasantly surprised when I received an email from a writer for Information for Technology Degrees. He passed a long a post he did for top 50 free IT apps. After looking at the list I was happy to see some that I have experience w/ in the past: Cacoo, Cacti, Nagios, Flow, etc.

Inspector Kloo 5

Inspector Kloo 5 is a fun online video game that offers a great opportunity for English language learning. You can find its walkthrough (instructions on how to win) here. Usde more of these kinds of games with students at Pointing and Clicking For ESL: Using Video Games To Promote English Language Development.


Image After is a site from Free Technology 4 Teachers and it is a nice site for finding free images & clip art. There is a lot to this site such as images, textures and extra goodies to search for. Click here for Kapuler's top 10 sites for images & clip art.

Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero

Integrating Technology for Active Life-long Learning (IT4ALL)

IT4ALL provides free online workshops on Moodle for Teachers (M4T), Web 2.0 Tools for Educators, TESOL-O, ESOL, and other exciting e-learning workshops and courses on how to improve instruction and learning. You are invited to enroll in the courses available, suggest new courses, create courses of your own, add comments and ask questions.

ICT Educational Technology Blog: Social Networking, etc.


Images/Photo Website Slideshow

"World Images"

World Images, according to its site, is a "database that provides access to the California State University IMAGE Project. It contains almost 75,000 images, is global in coverage and includes all areas of visual imagery. WorldImages is accessible anywhere and its images may be freely used for non-profit educational purposes." See also The Best Online Sources For Images.

Images Search Engine from Yahoo

E-Bay Images

Fotolia Images (with Japanese Menu)

Sprixi is a new search engine for images, mostly ones that have a Creative Commons license. Its design is very attractive and easy to use. The key reason is because when you want to use one of their photos, it automatically shows whatever permissions are required. New York Public Library photo collection does the same thing when you use their photos in a VoiceThread. See other Image Sources in The Best Online Sources For Images. Also another favourite way of searching for CC images is by using which is a Flickr search engine. You can select the type of license you require by using a drop-down menu at the top. Gives you lots of beautiful images!

INFOGRAPHICS: The Best Interactive Infographics - 2009

Interactive infographics show data in a visual way, and make the information much more accessible for English Language Learners - and everybody else. Interactive infographics are especially engaging because they allow users to customize the data they see. Here's the second-best infographic this year: Is the World Getting Better Or Worse? is a truly exceptional infographic. Plus, it's accessible to English Language Learners. Ferlazzo's number-one ranked Interactive Infographic of the year: The New York Times published a fascinating infographic: How Different Groups Spend Their Day.

Incredible Infographic

The Flowing Data blog has created an incredible infographic on world demographics. It's designed to be a poster for sale, but there's an online zoomable version. This is their simple description: "tells a story of how we live and die, and the stuff in between." Though it's "busy-looking," no other kind of graphical representation has this amount of data, which makes it a lot more accessible to English Language Learners than most encyclopedias. See others at The Best Reference Websites For English Language Learners.


Idiom Practice Game called "Turn-O-Phrase" Is A Fun Word Game For ELLs

"Turn-O-Phrase" is a fun new game where you are shown images that give hints to common English phrases, and you need to identify that words that would go along with them. You can also get hints. You can play without registration, or you can log-in to keep track of your "points." The site says that they are working on a feature that lets users create their own "phrase games," which will really be an asset. See more at The Best Learning Games For Intermediate English Language Learners (Figures of Speech)

Interview with an Unborn Child!

I Learn

iLearn Technology is an Edublog about integrating technology into the classroom.

Intercultural SitesIntercultural Sites

InterCultural Insights Using the Internet: Links & Learning Ideas for Internet Intercultural Instruction & Exploring!

E-Learning/Instructional Technology Topics A-Z

Derek Baird’s Musings on Social Media, Gen Y, Education Technology, Community & other Stuff, Including these Categories of Knowledge and Opinion:
ed tech; flat world; flickr; gen y; google; grants; hack; higher ed; iPod; ireland; jumpcut; katrina; m-learning; mentoring; mercedes fisher; mobile; multiple intelligences; open content; open learning; pedagogy; podcast; professional development; publications; quote; reading list; reformEDU; research; rss; safety; social bookmarking; social justice; social media; social network; teaching; theory; toolbox; uk; video; video games; vle; wiki; yackpack; yahoo; yahoo teachers

Mobile Learning: Ignatia Web’s Blog

E-Learning Tech-tales about optimizing the use of Social Media in low resource and mobile settings.


Links from Oxford University Press Course


Teach Yourself English

Easy-going, friendly English teaching aid. Conversation, songs, quiz, literature. Suitable for teachers and students alike.

Watch Education

education resources list for colleges, online learning, online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects, etc.

TEFL Courses

TEFL course admissions service for internationally recognised TEFL courses, such as the Cambridge CELTA & Trinity CertTESOL

E-ReferenceDesk - Higher Education Guide

Find details on programs and degrees of online and campus colleges and universities, career, specialty, technical, trade and vocational schools, and junior colleges in the US and Canada

GOtoED English School Directory

Find an English language school or course in Australia, US, Canada, UK and other English speaking countries.

Zack Educational Services

online tutoring to ESL students

World Wide Learn

a directory of online courses, accredited online degrees, distance learning, online training, and online education.

Intl Schools Directory

The directory of International schools in Japan is a joint effort by the Tokyo Weekender and Global Daigaku to provide information to families about quality education in Japan. We understand that finding a good school for your children is an extremely important and difficult task. This can be even more challenging when living abroad, and we hope to to provide the tools to help you make the best decision for your children.

International Students, Incorporated

Helps any foreign student get adjusted to studying in America and make friends there.

Nations University

offers free university level religious education via distance learning in 192 countries! Arabic, Creole, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian, and Thai.

Areas covered are Bible backgrounds, biblical exegesis, church history, comparative religion, ministry and missions, spirituality, New Testament, Old Testament, and theology.

Kyoto International University and Academy


International school. Email them for a free Catalog or other information.

Kyoto International University and Academy


E-Book Issues Direct

Issues Direct is a new e-book resource website for teachers, librarians and students around the world on topical social issues such as Drug Abuse, Energy, Climate, Responsible Tourism and Poverty. A free ebook PDF can be downloaded.


Institute for Cross-Cultural Training

a Wheaton College site that links to good articles, some from CETC, the Christian TESOL caucus. SLA Resources.


Links to all sorts of resources, ESL articles, language and outreach tools for working with different ethno-linguistic groups. These include Language Resources and Bible tools in Arabic, Aramaic, Chinese, Japanese-English, Greek/Latin versions, Indonesian, Iranian, Kurdish, Kyrgyz, Urdu, and Songs in various languages.


Internet English (OUP)

Great lessons on using internet and various file types. Understanding multimedia files used on internet (6 types)


Internet-Searching and Information-Seeking Skills

A free, "teach yourself" tutorial that lets you practise your Internet Information Skills.


Ask Jeeves



Lycos Kids

Ask Jeeves Kids


Learn about idioms in English.

Idioms are expressions that make no sense when translated literally into another tongue. The words together have a meaning that is different from the dictionary definitions of the individual words. This makes idioms hard to understand for ESL students and learners. Knowledge of English idioms is essential not only to understand the English language, but also to be able to express yourself in a way that is closer to the way native speakers speak. Quite fortunately, there are many excellent sites online where you can learn new idioms and practice them in context.

Dictionary of Cultural Literacy, Third Edition. 2002. Cultural phrases and expressions related to Idioms.

Great collection of free short self-study.

English (ESL/EFL) lessons for English language students. Includes idiom lists and quizzes about emotions, money, clothes, numbers, parts of the body, the weather, the word "heart," the as + adjective + as, and idioms with the word "sweet."

Dictionary of English idioms and idiomatic expressions. Here, we have a dictionary of 1290 English idiomatic expressions with definitions.

Dave's ESL

List of idioms presented in alphabetical order and explained.

English Daily

Learn how to use hundreds of common phrases or expressions from daily conversation. See expressions used in context in a short dialogue.

Common Idioms

FLS International

English idiom dictionary in alphabetical order.

List of idioms presented in alphabetical order as well as by topics. List of topics includes: Animal Idioms. Arm, Hand and Leg Idioms. Bird Idioms. Body Idioms. Business Idioms. Business Negotiation Idioms. Clothes Idioms. Color Idioms. and Ear Idioms. Fish, Insect and Reptile Idioms. Food Idioms. Head, Mind and Mouth Idioms. Heart Idioms. Initials. Medical Idioms. Money Idioms. Number Idioms. Proverbs/Sayings Idioms.


Internet Research and Search Tools

Excellent language, internet research and search tools integrated on one page. Language tools include: dictionaries, word lookups, computer terms, (European languages) text translator, web page translator, and more language tools, such as specialized dictionaries and thesauri, crossword and scrabble solvers, more translators, etc.


Basic Browser Concepts

explained simply by U. of Hawaii staff.

ITS - Information Technology Services


Internet Security Gone Wild

Applications designed to protect you from outside threats, such as adware and spyware, are becoming so rigid in their default settings that they can block you from accessing useful content online...


i-Pods Used in Courses at Duke University

Academic Uses of i-Pods


Inventors’ Encyclopedia

organized by their dates and alphabetically by names, countries and inventions.

New book Tiny Dynamo

Untold Ð 21 Inventions and Tiny Dynamo Nation of Israel

(Pick 1 to discuss and describe to the class!)

US Inventors Patent Office Directory. Check out the Inventors’ Hall of Fame.

Inventors A-Z

Searchable online library

Timelines of Technology

Famous Inventions from A-Z

AG Bell's Photophone

way ahead of its time!

Fathers of Electricity

Homeschooler's Writing Club – Writing About Inventors

Writing is a topic that seems difficult for homeschooling families to accomplish and often gets neglected. Join the Writing Club for Homeschoolers.

Machine Shop Pioneers

John Wilkinson – Thomas Blanchard

19th Century Inventions

1800 to 1899 – Inventions of the 1800s Nineteenth Century

Babbage, Charles

Bacon, Francis

Bartram, William

Carver, George Washington

Carver, George Washington

Carver, George Washington

Cuvier, Georges

Cuvier, Georges

Cuvier, Georges

Dalton, John

Dalton, John

Dalton, John

Descartes, Rene

Descartes, Rene

Faraday, Michael

Faraday, Michael

Faraday, Michael


Fleming, John Ambrose

Ford, Henry

Grew, Joseph C.

Herschel, William

Huggins, William

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Kepler, Johannes

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelm

Linnaeus, Carl

Pare, Ambroise

Pare, Ambroise (Japanese)

Pasteur, Louis

Prout, William

Ray, John

Ramsay, Sir William

Riemann, Georg Friedrich

Riemann, Georg Friedrich


University of New Brunswick’s Second Language Education Center

Hot Topics - Current Issues in Second Language Education

Intensive Language Programs

French Immersion / Core French

Learning Difficulties and Second Language Education

Second Language and Technology

L1 in the L2 classroom


Icelandic Centre for Research

The Icelandic Centre for Research’s English page.


Software 4 Parents

Sites that promote social interaction between people who have never met can be dangerous. Some most popular with young people to monitor very carefully are


Learn Hindi in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Hindi is the national language of India and is spoken by almost half a billion people in India and the rest of the world. Hindi is the second most spoken language in the world after Chinese. It allows one to communicate with a far wider variety of people in India than English, which is only spoken by around five percent of the population. Indo- Vacations organize classes for students of every level by an experienced teacher.


Answering Islam

Answering Islam may be the most thorough online source dealing with these issues.

Books by John Gilchrist

In three major series: 1) Foundational Books (FB), 2) Christianity and Islam Series (CIS), and 3) The Qur’an and the Bible Series (QBS). All the material here is put up with the permission of the author. The "Qur'an and the Bible Series" consists mainly of well-reasoned responses to booklets by Deedat. The "Christianity and Islam Series" presents other important topics.


Telling the Truth about Islam vs. Taqqiya.


Stop Islamic Terror Movie

Meeting Jesus at Mecca?

10 AMAZING MUSLIMS TOUCHED BY GOD: Get this great book FREE from

ID Stuff is a Blog about IT and Online Learning by Apostolos K.

Islam Review Links

More Than Dreams

(5 Muslims Meet the Messiah DVD)

Father Zacharias's messages

Ranks among the top 36,000 most visited sites.


Promethean World Activboard+2

The world’s first interactive whiteboard system. (For details on local resellers call 0870-241-3194 or -1254-6769212.

Promethean World Research

Research and development on using Interactive Whiteboards to enhance classroom learning.

Promethean World Active Research

More Research and Development Links about using Interactive Whiteboards to enhance classroom learning.

Using Digital Whiteboards as a tool in Language & Literacy development

Pam Solvie’s great article on using “The Digital Whiteboard: A Tool in Early Literacy Instruction.”


International Society for Technology in Education

(ISTE) with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The TSI is designed to provide school districts with models for an efficient and effective technology support system based upon best practices in nationally recognized school districts. With the TSI framework and self-assessment tool, school districts can appraise the quality and efficiency of their current technology support program and learn about possible improvements they can employ.

National Education Technology Standards

(US-NETS*S standards).

International Society for Technology in Education

ISTE: Emerging Technologies Database

If you have a successful practice or use of software or hardware, please share it with the rest of us in this database which, once it is populated, will provide everyone with lots of good stuff!

Emerging Technologies

PDF Mapping ET Contributions to Student Learning.


Learn to recognize and understand the differences between American, Canadian and British English vocabulary and spelling.

Karen's Linguistic Issues

Karen's Linguistic Issues

British, Canadian and American Vocabulary: Excellent glossary in alphabetical order by Karen Bond.

Some information about the differences between Canadian, American and British English. Covers pronunciation. No audio files.

School of Computing and IT

Differences between British, American and Canadian expressions and spelling.

The American-British/British-American Dictionary

A dictionary defining American words in terms of British, and vice versa. Also includes a number of articles outlining the differences between American and British English.

University of Tampere

Selected vocabulary differences between British and American English.




AllPeers is a Firefox extension, and therefore compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux, that allows you to chat, share files and web pages, and also to download torrent files. After a free registration, you can add all of your friends, chat with them, and send them files and web pages by drag&dropping them on their name. Free to download and use. is a free online service that anyone can use to create an online folder (or more) where you can upload and share your files. After you give your folder a name and a password, with no registration process, you can start upload your files in your 150MB online folder. You will then need to share with your team the name and the password for that folder so that they can access and download them. Free to use, no registration needed. is a new instant messaging service that allows you to connect with all of your Facebook contacts. It doesn't matter if they have Windows Live Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, Gtalk...You can all have text-chats on just using your Facebook's accounts. It offers a really clear buddy list, and completely integrates with Facebook's events. Free to download and use.


International Society for Technology in Education

Internet for International Communication

(How to Use IT Effectively)

Introducing Internet to EFL Students

ICL2008 - International Conference on Interactive Computer aided Learning


Official Homepage - one of the most popular viewers

Free for non-commercial use, 32-Bit graphic viewer for Win 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP, with multiple (animated) GIF support and Multipage TIFF support. Features print support, scan (TWAIN) support, slideshow, and batch conversion.

Apple - iPod + iTunes

Audio player with multiple playlist functions, native burn support, visual effects, and file conversion.



Stop Islamic Terror Movie


Computerized Talking Dictionaries

Publisher of first ever Computerized Talking Dictionaries on CD-ROM in various Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Gujrathi etc.

Basic English Idioms: Learn English Online Open English World

Open English World provides free activities to help you learn English. The Weekly Idiom will help to improve your spoken English. Business Jargon will improve your business English conversation. Talk English will help you speak English fluently in daily life. The Forum is a place to meet students, ask questions, and discuss activities.

Jennifer's Page of Links

Language Resources, Computerized Dictionaries, Grammars, and other online language resources.

International Internet Words by Country

Identity Theft

How to protect from it online.

Glossary of Instructional Strategies

PlasmaLink Web Services provides the Glossary of Instructional Strategies as a resource for all educators

Italian language schools in Florence

Learn Italian in a language school in Italy, the language of culture and the arts.

Welcome to ITESL

ITESL is a list of links that integrates technology in ESL/EFL and mainstream classes. Welcome to ITESL provides teachers and students with educational websites that integrate technology into the ESL classroom.

Issues Direct

Issues Direct is an exciting new resource website for teachers, librarians and students around the world. Issues Direct is a unique series of resource e-Books on contemporary social issues that can be downloaded to your computer. A free e-book is available.

Google Image

Google Image search is a great place to get free Clip Art and images to supplement classroom activities. It is easy to search and navigate with one of the best collections of images available. Some of the images are copyright protected so care must be taken that they are used responsibly for educational purposes and that credit is given to the source.


The Internet TESL Journal is an electronic journal filled with practical articles on ideas for the classroom and is a good place for teachers to learn from their peers. This online journal typically comes out once a month. Back issues are kept online as well.

Interactive Internet Resources

A classified list of Interactive Web sites that would work well with Interactive Whiteboards and/or Tablet PC computers.

Read Print

A free online library offering thousands of free books for students, teachers, and the classic enthusiast. Start by looking through the author index to find an interesting author or book.

English first

EF English First Indonesia

Network of ESL/EFL schools with more than 65 learning centres across Indonesia. Offers a complete range of English courses for all age groups – from kids, teens to adults – at all levels.

Infosthetics is one of the most cutting edge sites on Information Aesthetics. Data Visualization and Visual Communication are fields of growing importance with the Internet, since form follows data, and information presented in graphic patterns is easier to understand, learn and remember.

Orgnet tracks Internet Industries

Information Science Encyclopedia References

(Loucky article included)

IMEEM - what's on your playlist?

Imeem users interact with each other by watching, posting, and sharing content of all media types, including blogs, photos, audio, and video.

Kiva is a good online Micro-Economic Aid System to help poor in developing countries.

Wikimedia Commons

Media repository of Wikimedia projects holds many free Multimedia Resources such as images, nature shots, sounds, videos, etc.

Ideas for How to Improve Your English Skills

Illustration areas important in Graphic Arts

A new toolbar

delivers A LOT, including:

Search: One-click access to Web Searches powered by Google.

Videos Search: Search the world's largest and most advanced Video Search Engine.

Video Vault: The best Internet Video Sites right at your fingertips.

Live Weather: Get current Weather Conditions and Forecasts for your local area.

Top Stories: Get the latest top News Stories directly from the toolbar.

Camfrog: One-click access to free Webcam Chat Rooms. See and hear people live!

Games: Quick access to the best Online Game Sites all in one place.

iEARN - International Education and Resource Network

iEARN (International Education and Resource Network) is the world's largest non-profit global network that enables teachers and youth to use the Internet ...

Interactive Computer Aided Learning

Project Interactivate Assessment Toolkit

This site, well-known for its offering of interactive math activities, has created a toolkit page with links to over 50 explorers, games, and quizzes in which students can tailor their activity by problem type, level, and time to solve. In addition, these assessment tools will keep track of the score for progress-monitoring.

Interactive Whiteboard Resources

Nice collection of interactive whiteboard resources, lessons, and much more.


An intuitive Search Program that can anticipate what you are looking for, help you search and also add more search engines with customized keyboard. Inquisitor is fast, smart, flexible... and free.


This thought triggered Proyecto INGENIO, i.e. the will to design a completely on-line tool, based on the template approach to authoring, that would allow language teachers to design their own materials, create a database with these materials and make it available to other users, and automatically convert these materials into learner-ready materials.

Intermediate Online English

An example of self-access courseware development Ana Gimeno-Sanz* *Department of Applied Linguistics, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Camino de Vera, 14 - 46022 Valencia, Spain The recent proliferation of web-enhanced language learning environments led the author to initiate an R&D project, known as Proyecto InGenio ...

INGENIO, in EuroCALL 2005’s Newsletter: Gimeno, A. (2005). New challenges in developing an

online CALL authoring shell, content manager and courseware: the INGENIO model. The EUROCALL

Review, No. 7 (pp 2-11).

Independent Learning Goals and Responsibilities

Independent Learning focuses on creation of the opportunities and experiences necessary for students to become capable, self-reliant, self-motivated and life-long learners. What is desired are students who value learning as an empowering activity of great personal and social worth. All of the other Common Essential Learnings (C.E.L.s) contribute to the goal of developing independent learners. In summary, Independent Learning: is based on meaningful learning activities; enables individual learners to take responsibility for their own learning; is essential for life-long motivation and growth; prepares students for their role as responsible citizens in a changing society; and is a tool for the achievement of all the Common Essential Learnings.

Introduction to the Internet: ICT4LT Module 1.5 online resources

Intute: Arts and Humanities

A merger of the former Humbul and Artifact sites, this is a free online service providing access to the web resources for education and research, selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists. Keyword searching and browsing are enabled. Learn Italian in Italy!

Interchange-based V-Check Word Engine

Free Vocabulary Level Checker, with free suite of Learning Tools, offering access to high-frequency TOEIC & TOEFL Vocabulary Practice Programs.

Internet Stats (Google Stats)

Career Videos

iSeek is an organization out of Minnesota designed to assist young people develop career goals. However, a lot of its materials would be useful wherever a student lives. There are many closed-captioned videos about different careers it has, most which are accessible to English Language Learners. See more under Jobs and Careers. Readers might also be interested in The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers. is a professional online communicator for collaborative meetings, instruction, learning and friendly chats with family and friends. Try its free Demo!

Join a live video chat now!

Free Demo Lessons

Internet-based, interactive audio-visual English learning center with instructions in 21 languages.

Free Demo and great online Business Opportunity!

Click on a flag to choose a language.

English  Chinese  Simplified Chinese  Russian  Spanish German Latvian-Lettish Hebrew Arabic Mongolian Korean Hungarian Dutch French Romanian Indonesian Estonian Polish IPortuguese Italian Lithuanian Turkish Japanese  Vietnamese  Thai  Tagalog

free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary From:     Word: 
online electronic translation tools

ESL Lounge

Free ESL Lesson Materials for teachers. Grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more. All free and printable.

Online Conference/Classroom
Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

Powered by
IP2Phrase allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of their defaults.


The web This site

Google Advanced Search
Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)
Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Babel Fish translation

Type or paste text or web address here:
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Powered by Systran

FoxLingo – The Ultimate Language Tool!

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Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc.

Main Features
  • Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
  • Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
  • Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
  • Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
  • Language Resources - Over 90 language services (encyclopedias, text-to-speech, etc.)
  • Ixquick - Metasearch engine with unique features, language search and complete privacy
  • Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites for a variety of languages
  • Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
  • Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from its users
Supports 45 languages & over 1,000 different language pairs

Afrikaans, Arabic, Aranese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh

Uses 35 free online web page translator services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Free Bible Commentary
Audio New Testaments Click on your country's flag to translate this site!
AltaVista Babel Fish Translation

Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators

Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English.

Currency Converter
Time Converter

50 BEST Sites in 60 Minutes SLIDESHARE

2Lingual is BEST Bilingual Search Engine!

Web 20-21st Century Tools

Click to search in your own language!

TeachiT Video Lessons on IT/Ed Tech

Other Translations Here:

Dicts Info’s index page shows Flags and Links to free Web Dictionaries in about 80 languages.

All with Lesson Plans & Word/PDFiles.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

ESL Student & Teaching Links

Great Reading, Speaking & Vocabulary Activities

This site uses WordChamp to automatically translate words on this page into about 140 languages! CLICK for a free account so you can also SAVE new words into files.
Change Target Language Here:

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Asia-Pacific CALL Top Teacher Resource Sites

APA CALL President J-B Son's Homepage
CALL Resources and Research

Internet-Based Language Instruction (IBLI)
Sample Work from J-B Son's Students

Internet-Based Language Teaching
(Roger Underwood Collection)

Distance & Self-Access Language Programs

English Specialist
English Specialist

EFL practice exercises

Web 2.0 Tools Slideshow

Information Technology Tools

"BEST of the Best"
of Larry Ferlazzo’s most highly recommended websites to help you teach English, ESL or EFL!

The Best Websites Summarized
The "Best of the Best" Websites of 2007-2008

Website With 8,000 Links

Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher

International Children’s Digital Library
10,000+ Children’s Stories in many languages.

READ & HEAR Folktales and Legends from around the world!

More World Folktales from ESL Station

Speak English Today

“Get in the Sandbox & Play with Us Kids!Eby using Twiddla Co-Browsing Tool Here:
Twiddle this page!

Top ESL/TESOL Programs
Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)
Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!

ESL Gold
ESL Gold explained in 15 languages!

ESL Point
ESL Point

A treasure trove of material for teaching and learning English


Mingoville is the world's most creative and comprehensive English language course online for kids of all ages.

Great Picture Book Maker!

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

List of A-Z Links to various language Encyclopedias and their Histories

Top 20 Web-based language learning activities/tasks - Andy Johnson’s annotated list of most useful CALL sites

Software sales

Free Language Translation Bar for 10 Languages.

Translate this page offers DAILY WORD PUZZLES, Root Word Study, etc to enhance vocabulary mastery and written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

Google Language Translation Tools
(Lite Version)

Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
(Input any URL or text)

Voice Thread Collaborative Site for Educators

Add Audio (TTS) to Any Blog!

Media Converter

Use Universal Messenger for free media and file transfers. makes Mobile Publishing easy.
Access ANY size Device/Document/Image ANYWHERE!

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games.

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games. offers many FREE Vocabulary Tests online.

Click on the V to check how many words you know in English.

V-Check or can freely test your level!

Easy Dolch Word List Crossword Puzzles

fun with vocabulary

Computer Adaptive Test of Vocabulary Size & Strength

Take this free Vocabulary Size Test!

WordSmart: Test Your Vocab Level!

Free Vocabulary Levels Tests at LexTutor
Includes Receptive/Recognition and Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests; Word Association and Yes/No Tests

PROGRAMS MEASURING READABILITY provides Readability Scores for any Web pages and MS Word files in a flash!

The Internet Application for Creating Curriculum-Based Assessment Reading Probes

Improving Online Text Readability

Analyze text content using this free text analysis tool.

Discovery School
"The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom"

English Learning Resources
Ken Schmidt’s Short-List

the Language Resource Room

Word Surfing vocabulary learning strategies

Top ESL & Teacher Sites

TESOLMAX Top Sites Top Sites
The Top Sites for English Learners

ESL Web Guide: Your Guide to the Best ESL/EFL Websites! Recommendations from Dave’s ESL Cafe.

SEO - create one way text link ads to your website for top search engine listings.

I Love Languages

Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students

ITESLJ's Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Teachers

MES English games and other ESL / EFL resources for teachers

Foreign Word
translation wizard with free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages

Perceptia Press
EConversation, Excel, Music, PowerPoint and Word textbooks. Great texts for personal or class use.
Click here to order

Itzalist Webring
Bilingual Webring

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