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Mel Zoo: BEST Search Engine with instant previews on a split screen!

A to Z Xian Links Directory
ABOUT AUTHOR (articles available) is to help improve Language Education in all areas, including:
 Serving as a Virtual Language Education Encyclopedia;
 Testing and improving CALL Collaboration Areas and Programs: Bilingual, Monolingual & Multilingual Glossing & Translation Programs, Text Analyzers and Readability Programs, Moodle Modules and Browser Add-ons to Enchance CALL;
 CALL Collaboration Tools, Instant Messaging, VoIP Tele-Conferencing Programs;
 Page Foto & File-sharing or Note-taking Programs;
 Web Presentation Tools and Services for Visual Communication;
 Social Networking Programs, Podcasts and Video-Blogs;
 Webtools and Web Content Strategies.


WebHeads Worldwide: View & Collaborate here!

Improbable Planet: How Earth Became HumanityÕ Home (Astro-Physicist Hugh RossÕs GREAT new book)

Visit Connecting All Language Learners

EFL Classroom Blog and Directory (D Deubel)

Collaborative Sharing for Teachers and Webheads using Tapped In Integrates VOA, Daily Proverbs, ESL Podcasts, Quizzes, L1 & L2 Dictionaries and Search Engines.

Kelly Ten-Dictionaries in One Online Encyclopedia
History, Cultural Literacy, Fine Arts, etc.

365 ESL Short Stories: Extensive Reading with full Dictionary and Listening Support! Listening and Reading Free Site for Intermediate ESL Learners delivers any online Newspaper in any language you'd like to read that has one!

'HERS News: Hear, Experience, Read, See'
Simultaneously do Extensive Reading, Listening, & Viewing of Online News (Chen's program using VOA, CNN, etc.)

Lingro Language Learner

Enter any Website to make all words clickable on this site. Lingro remembers all the words you look up, so you can easily review and study them.

Please go here for Quick Start Guide to Snap Account

Language Learning Quick Links

Language learning software
Language learning books & products

My Happy Planet
My Happy Planet

Learn a language. Make friends. Have fun.

A language learning community offering various services to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, writing & listening.

"The Mixxer"
offers chances to teach your language in exchange for learning another.

Top Toolbox for Learning New Words!
Cobbs LexTutor Offers English / French Dictionary / Concordancer; Text-to-Speech & Word Learning Tests & Tools.

Hypertext Builder (from LexTutor)
Build resource-linked texts for online reading. Wire your own texts so Language Learners can use the support of:
E Audio with Text-to-Speech (TTS) sound
E Concordance + Dictionary/Dictionary only (Monolingual or Bilingual for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French (so far)
E Reading-plus: Provides resources to understand every word in any text!

Mr. B's English Learning Links: Cool links for learning English in outline form!
I. Reading Links
II. Writing and Essay Advice
III. Speeches
IV. Listening/Speaking
V. Intercultural Learning Links
VI. Dictionary Sites (Learner- & Other)
VIII. Technical English & Language Learning Technology
IX. Email Keypals
X. More English Learning Links

Logos Home Page
Logos Dictionary

World of Reading

The Largest Language Learning Software Shop
Mention CALL4ALL to get a discount!

Favorite CamSoft Collection of CALL Websites (Graham Davie's Great CALL Glossary)

A-Z Topical CALL Reference Bibliography of Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning (Compiled by Vance Stevens)

Search the web for
TESL Links

Maintained by The Internet TESL Journal.

Language-Learning and Teaching Links Index

Excellent language, internet research and search tools.

78 Websites Every EFL Teacher Should Know

English Resources for Students & Teachers (Illustrated CALL Sites)

Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Online English Language Center (U. of Oregon)

Nations University
Free online Bible education

Mark's ESL World
Weblion Leo's Learning Links

Currency Converter

Weblion Leo’s Learning Links
Weblion Leo’s Learning Links

Jones Avenue Adult Centre Computer Assisted ESL

Search Insightin Dictionary
Find what new words mean right here instantly!



Free download!
Get instant dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia access from your Windows programs with

Concept Mapping
Emap out relationships between conceptual area, semantic field, thematic topics and word relations and associations. Library of Dictionary and Encyclopedia Links

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary


    Into English
    From English

© Ectaco, Inc




Lingo24 Translation
Free translations for major languages Instant Translation for 42 Languages

Lingvosoft free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary
From language:
To language:

online electronic dictionaries Choose any topic to create an interesting lesson for kids!

Shadow Puppet Edu

A kid-friendly project-based learning and digital storytelling app with Common Core activity ideas too.

Student links for Goose Creek CISD


Finally, Google has unveiled their latest version (iOS/Android) of YouTube designed especially for kids, YouTube Kids. This is the perfect way to use YouTube, as a parent can turn off the ability to search, and even set a timer on how long they want the usage to be. All videos that are current have no swearing, and nothing inappropriate comes up when trying to search for something not suited for kids.

YWAM DTS Centre, Capetown, South Africa.

Tiny Chicken Learns Math

Help Tiny Chicken across the river by correctly answering basic math questions in this fun free iOS game.

Reading Rainbow

Remember this PBS TV show? Actor LeVar Burton has resurrected it as a curated library of kid-friendly digital books.

International Children's Digital Library

Or look for a digital book yourself with this free library of books from around the world.

Handwriting Without Tears

This iPad app teaches your little learner how to write letters and numbers in a fun, friendly, and supportive way.

Leo's Pad

Interact with a series of stories interwoven with games that teach cognitive, social, and emotional early-learning skills.

Apps for Kindergarten Students at Beloit Public Schools

The apps used in kindergarten at the School District of Beloit in Wisconsin.


YuJa is a new site that is ideal for upper education (HS/College) for educators to "house" their classroom content in a safe environment. Basically, YuJa is a LMS (learning management system) where teachers can host real-time discussions, poll students, send out text messages, and best of all send out video broadcasts on any topic. This is ideal for the flipped classroom model where learning takes place outside the classroom.


This little app includes 46+ Common Core-aligned games ranging from language arts to math skills. Offers summative assessments too.

Tic-Tac Bananas

Tic-Tac Bananas is a fun iOS/Android app that combines learning w/ Tic-Tac-Toe. This is a 2 player game designed for kids 4-8 yrs old that focuses on: word recognition, phonics, and decoding. The way this works is the first player taps on a square and then has to select the correct letter to spell out the picture. If they are correct they get the square and the next player goes, if not the square is still open for anyone. This is a fun simple game to play w/ high replay value for players. [Written by dkapuler on Jan 16, 2014].

Easy English Learning: Free from Goodwill Community Foundation

Easy Reading Activities


Strivney is a free new site for beginning readers (it has a special section for English Language Learners) with 1,000 interactive exercises and games. You need to register for most beyond the sample exercises, but it's super easy to do so. The site also has printables you can use to reinforce the online activities. English teacher Deborah Delin is the primary force behind the site. It's an impressive achievement. See more at The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers.


A filtered, kid-friendly search engine that sits on top of Google. They maintain their own database of inappropriate websites and keywords.

Hi Kids: (with Korean and English Phonetics)


Yolango offers over 1,000 Video Clips from popular films and TV programs, all captioned, transcribed and rated by level. Captions, if clicked, provide definitions and examples with 13 language translations! Yolango is most engaging, challenging, interactive and even addictive in a good way for kids!

Yoono is free software that allows you to connect and share with all your social networks and instant messaging services in one place.

Language Nursery School

Language Nursery School is a wonderful iOS app for introducing young kids to foreign languages. This app uses interactive nursery rhymes to expose children to 5 different languages such as: French, Spanish, English, and more. [Written by dkapuler on Mar 06, 2013].

Youth Voices

Youth Voices is a meeting place where students and their teachers share,

dis tribute, and discuss their inquiries and digital work online to facilitate student-to-student conversations, collaborations, and civic actions that result from publishing and commenting on each other's texts, images, audio, and video.

Very Short Stories for Children

Educational Online Games - Pinterest

Fish Smarty

Fish Smarty is an excellent new site for online learning through: educational games, digital comics, and coloring. Also, FS has an educational portal which is ideal for tracking student progress and having a safe environment for kids to interact in.

Fun Educational AND KID-FRIENDLY Apps

Fun Educational Apps is a site that is self explanatory. It is a great site for finding apps for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad. All apps can be browsed by age level or subject. Also, there are nice detailed reviews w/ screen shots to help users find what best meets their needs.


Famigo is a wonderful site for finding safe kid-friendly apps for Apple and Android. The apps are reviewed on a 5-star scale and can be searched for by age-level, category, etc. For Kapuler's top 10 sites for finding educational apps click here.

Digital E-Hon

Japanese Children's Books from Ehon Navi (Blog by Liana, Sept. 5, 2011Mini Reviews of Level 1 Books). This is a list of all the Level 1 books that are available for free online through EhonNavi.


Children's Story and Picture Books; World Folktales Translated by Digital EHON Site

Kid's Free Interactive Games and Free Presentations

in PowerPoint form. This is the themes and topics, A-Z index.


More of the world’s best English language learning links (top ten adapted from ESL All)

Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

Teaching Children ESL - Young Learners' ESL: K-12 and elementary school education articles and resources for ESL learning and teaching including: games, lesson plans, songs, fun activities and teaching techniques, as well as other sites of interest to K through 12 ESL educators.

The Internet TESL Journal List of Links for Kids

ESL Kids: Part of the most comprehensive and best-maintained list of children links for students and teachers of English as a second language.

Story Place: The Children's Digital Library See and listen to multimedia stories for children in English. Provides children with a virtual library and activities including stories, riddles, craft activities, and reading lists for pre-school and elementary aged kids.

Kindersite Games, Songs, and Stories: Over a 1,000 of links to the best games, songs and stories for the introduction to English. Used by 11,540 schools in 136 countries. Recommended by teachers worldwide as the best way to introduce technology and English to children.


Yahooligans: The child friendly version of the famous Yahoo! portal and search engine. It is a browsable, searchable directory of Internet sites for kids (aged from 7 to 14) that features safe surfing games, jokes, news, homework help, sports, reference, and more kid friendly activities and resources. Each site has been carefully reviewed to ensure appropriate and high-quality content.

Learn English Kids: Free website from the British Council that offers help to ESL learners from elementary to advanced levels. Helps parents and teachers of children learning English find information about young learner courses and tips on how you can help your child learn English. The Kids Zone features games, quizzes, print activities, songs, stories, e-cards and other resources on a wide range of topics.

Time for Kids: The child online version of the weekly classroom Time for Kids magazine. It includes the latest news from around the world about world and national events, scientific discoveries, sports, entertainment, kids in the news and much more. Also features articles, games, a reference toolbox, opportunities for student information creation and interaction, and parent and teacher sections.


Web Search for Kids by Librarians: A search engine for children that was created by a group of librarians at the Ramapo Catskill Library System to address concerns about the role of public libraries in guiding their young users to valuable and age appropriate web sites. Kidsclick! only searches sites for children pre-selected by librarians. It gives the grade level and indicates whether or not images are available. Can be browsed by categories or searched by keywords. In the advanced search, you can also search by reading level.

PBS Kids Online: Children’s section of the PBS News Service. Official site for the cartoons and live action shows hosted by PBS. Features games, stories, coloring, music and show information. Thousands of pages of learning and fun to explore!


Interactive readers help beginning Englisn readers by giving them online audio support.

Teaching English Games

Games and 10 beautifully illustrated stories for 3-5 year old children. Preschool children love stories and you can weave them into your lessons by using story-related activities before and after story telling. The children will also be happy to hear them over and over again.



Great site for parents to use with young children still at home, or in Pre-K or Kindergarten!

Draw a Picture with "Dave-o-saurus" from SHIDONNI

Shidonni is a fun free site for kids to draw a picture and then watch it come to life. This is very easy to use and anyone with experience with a drawing program or even Kid Pix for that matter will feel right at home. Once the picture is finished, click OK, and watch it come to life in a virtual world. (I call it Dave-o-saurus, meaning written by Dave Kapuler).


Kidyos is an excellent site for kids that provides a safe way for 1-6 yrs old to interact w/ the internet. This is done through pre-approved, video, games and sites. Also, a classroom portal is in the works for teachers and students.


Ziggity Zoom is a wonderful safe site for kids to play games, color, read stories, watch videos and so much more. There is a lot to like on this site and it's an ideal site for kids of all ages where they can find fun/safe activities to do and can improve their creativity and reading.

Dolch Word Practice

Dolch Word Practice is a very good site for sight words. The recording quality could be better, but it seems to be the best place out there that's free and covers most of the words.


Web-ESL has lots of great resources. It links to other sites, but has many of its own exercises, and they are excellent. Their literacy exercises stand-out in particular. Their exercises on sight words are perfect Ñ too bad they only teach ten of them!


ABCya is an excellent site educational games for grade K-6. These games cover all subject areas and even offer educational apps for mobile devices.


E-Learning for Kids is a great place for students to find courses on any number of subjects. This site is geared towards kids ages 5-12 and the courses are broken down by subject and grade. These online courses are easy and fun for kids to do and cover everything from math to computer skills.

Childrens' Books

Learning Games for


Whiz Kid Games is a fun site for kids to play games and listen to stories. These games are geared towards younger students and are still under construction so check back often.

MY PAGE is the first social network for kids, the coolest website that helps you create your own page and customize it! Play with kidgets and choose among quizzes, games, colouring, videos and tests!" Is a direct quote off their site and looks to be a great/safe place for kids to learn about 21st tools. There is a parental control system that allows parents to track their child's progress on the web, who is browsing theirs, password protection, etc.


Youngzine is a site for kids/students to find out current information on the web. Here is a quote straight from their site, "Our goal is to help parents and educators create a vibrant community of globally aware young citizens in an increasingly connected world. Along with news stories written specifically with our young audience in mind, Youngzine strives to inform using fun trivia, compelling visuals and videos." Also, there are some nice features educators get such as a classroom blog and an area to collaborate on w/ students. In this "area" a teacher can post assignments, comments, and use it for grading.


Brain Nook is an excellent site to help kids strengthen their math and English skills. This is done by roaming through safe Virtual Worlds while playing educational games. Also, there is the ability for teachers to add a class so their kids can play together.



KidSites is a nice site for a collection of educational resources for students, teachers, and parents. A person can search via subject or through a wide variety of other areas such as: activities, comics, and games. There is also a section for parents and teacherss

Audio Picture Dictionary

Access in 15 languages!

Children’s Picture Dictionary

that is searchable online. Also available for English to Dutch, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish in both directions and from English to Japanese Romaji.

Printable Picture Dictionaries

Short, printable picture dictionaries - each with 26 pages in PDF format. One has a word for each picture, one has room for the student to write each word, and one has a missing letter in each word for the student to fill in.

Children’s Literature Online

Free and in the Public Domain.

Children’s Short Stories on East of the Web

Children's Nursery Rhymes

Web Search Tool for Kids by Librarians

Picture / sound search tools and lessons with 600+ subjects!

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper

This site has over 650 links to material to help kids do their homework. The links are categorized by topic.

New Technology devices for children's E-Learning.

Weekly online magazine COMPUTING WITH KIDS (formerly, Choosing Children's Software). Latest reviews of children's software, websites, video games, and smart toys.

Children’s Storybooks Online

Illustrated children's stories for kids of all ages arranged by fare for Young Children, Older Children and Young Adults.


Many of the very Best for Kids Sites. Collected by Steve Schackne. “Reliable, Educational, Interesting Web Sites For Children & Adolescents!”


English Teachers in Japan

Empowering Learners and Teachers


Story Blocks is a great site for Pre-K and KDG students which help prepare students to learn how to read. This is a very engaging site and has lots of videos that students can sing/read a long to.

Watch Greek Kids Learning English Using Jazz Chants with Marisa Constantinides

The Young Learners Edition (23rd) of the ESL/EFL/ELL Carnival

Story Starters for Kids

Three beautifully illustrated 'easy starts' for young children.

Teaching English

Receive FREE ESL classroom games for primary school age which really work and which teachers and children LOVE!

Receive FREE ESL games for your teens and adults to help motivate your students and give them the confidence and practise they need to succeed!

Genki English, ESL games, songs and ideas to make ESL lessons

Elementary School English Games, Songs and Lesson Plans and Ideas.

Site for ESL teachers in elementary schools featuring ESL songs, ESL games and ideas. Updated monthly. Available in Japanese and English.

Try this Song and Game

ESL Picture Book Weather

Great Picture Book Maker!


The world's most comprehensive English language course online for kids all ages.

• A city inhabited by flamingos, who only speak English.

• An interactive dictionary with words and images available in 32 languages.

• 10 missions waiting to be solved and completed.

• Several hundred different exercises in spelling, speaking, listening and reading.

EFL Videos: Top 100 YouTube Videos for EFL

The Tale of Despereaux Adventure

Make your own Digital Adventure Online Storybook! This interactive story book lets students create their own tale in the Kingdom of Dor. The students become a part of the story as they create a character version of themselves that takes part in the story adventure. Students can choose to have interactive games and puzzles included in their story. The story is a virtual pop-up book read to students who can read along with subtitles. Along the way, students have to help solve problems in the story by playing an interactive game.


Best Sites for Children and Easy English Level Learners: Activities, Poems & Stories for Kids

E-Homework Pad

Vermilion Parish, Louisianna's eHomework Pad! Click on your grade level for interactive helpful sites to review skills at home.

Superbook is a free Picture Book maker.


A-Z Activities for Early Readers

These are Activities by the Letter Building Blocks to Reading. Extracted from "Building Blocks to Reading, Activities by the Letter, Book I
All material copyrighted 1995 Karen M. Potter.

Try Quintura for Kids!

Quintura proudly presents the first VISUAL search engine for the youngest web users.

International Children's Picture Dictionary

with Country Flags and Translations in over 170 Languages!

Kids on the Block, Inc.

International Educational Puppets in Education provides educational puppet programs which enlighten children on the issues of disability awareness, medical-educational differences, and social concerns. Includes package overview and information on starting a troupe.


Yahoo App Search

Yahoo App Search is a great place to find apps for either the Android or iPhone. A person can search through different categories or can browse by free, paid, or highest rated.

Dave Kapuler's board for excellent sites for online educational games. Being a blogger who specializes in Ed Tech resources Pinterest is becoming an easy and viable option for sharing resources. He states "I feel it is my responsibility to share these tools w/ educators anyway I can. If that means through the use of my: mobile app, Twitter, FB, Plurk, Pinterest, etc., I'll do my best to do it." [Written by dkapuler]


Cackleberries is a fun educational site for kids ages 3-7 yrs old. This site takes place in an online virtual world called Oville. In this safe environment kids can play games, read along w/ books, and more. This is really a great site to help students w/ many subject areas such as reading, math, art, etc.


Toontastic is a wonderful free iPad app for digital storytelling. This app is ideal for teaching the skill of storytelling through the use of creating a digital comic. A user can pick through stock characters or even draw their own. Then they can animate it by tapping a limb and moving it around. Also, a person can record their own voice to tell the story and add background music.


Kozzi is a nice site for finding 100% free pictures on any subject.

Winged Sandals

Winged Sandals focuses on Mythology but geared for kids 6-12 yrs old and covers lots of areas such as: storytelling, games, arts/crafts, etc.


Funschool is an excellent site for educational games for grades Pre-K-6th grade. Not only does FS have games on a lot of different subjects, but there are videos, printables, and interactives to find on here as well. For Kapuler's top 10 sites for educational games click here.

Kidz Page

Kidz Page is a fun site for educational games for grades K-8. These games cover a wide variety of subjects such as: math, word games, memorization, etc. Also, this site has printables, clip art, puzzles, and other fun stuff to look through. For Kapuler's top 10 educational games, click here.

Kids Know It

Kids Know It is a great site, a "complete" learning network for kids. What that means is that you can find educational links, games, etc here. Also, a kid can find educational music, comics, movies, interactive activities, etc.

Knowledge Adventure

Knowledge Adventure is a wonderful site for educational games for grades PK-6th. These games cover all sorts of subjects, such as math, science, phonics, etc. This is a fun site to help kids find joy in learning.

Annual Review 2011

Year in Review: Best Pictures of 2011

clubEFL Is A Fantastic Site For EFL/ESL Teachers & Students

ClubEFL has fantastic resources for EFL/ESL students and teachers, including:

*A Picture Dictionary and a Talking Dictionary. These stand out particularly for all the additional interactive reinforcement activities they include. More at The Best Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced English Language Learner Sites. Gogo s Adventure with English, adding to The Best YouTube Channels For Learning English (even though it's not quite a "channel." Learn English Through Movies, adding to The Best Popular Movies/TV Shows For ESL/EFL. They have another site, also called a Picture Dictionary, that has mostly YouTube music videos and interactive exercises. I'm adding it to The Best Music Websites For Learning English. Two other features are: Aesop s Fables in English for language learners, which I'm adding to The Best Sites For Using Aesop s Fables In The Classroom. Very Short Stories and Verses For Children, which I'm adding to The Best Websites To Help Beginning Readers.

Child's Definition of LOVE.

A group of professional people posed this question to a group of 4 to 8 year-olds, "What does love mean?" The answers they got were broader and deeper than anyone could have imagined.

Simple Search Engines

Ones that guide people to ‘sheltered’ sites are a good way to encourage children or students with limited proficiency in English to use Internet without getting lost or frustrated.

Ask Jeeves search engine for kids.


The kids’ section of AskJeeves search engine. Although it does not show lists of previously identified Websites, AJKids has three major advantages over other engines. First, the learners can ask ordinary questions rather than just typing in target words. Second, the search engine will forgive spelling or typing mistakes. As long as you type something reasonably close, it will usually understand what you mean. Finally, it gives you a maximum of ten possibilities (along with up to ten from other sites). So you or your students won’t end up with an overwhelming list of hundreds of hits (suggested Websites).

At KidsClick! Websites selected by librarians are identified by reading level. At the end of each Website description, a reading level range is given. Your students will soon find which levels they can read easily.

Yahoo Search engine for kids


The section of for kids. Information about cultures and countries is very interesting, useful, and understandable. Topics are broad-ranging. Try the category 'Around the World' to can find things you are learning about in other classes.

Lycos Search engine for kids

Young Commonwealth

Go to the category Cool Spots. Then search for your key words or explore some of the sites they’ve already identified. This search engine lets you choose between “Find all of my words” and “Find ANY of my words” as you search. This helps students start thinking about how to search effectively.


Genki Christmas and New Year’s Games games for kids

John's wordsearch puzzles

Time for kids

Just for Kids: fun & free games

An online playground for kids of all ages!

Disney song lyrics

Mr. Smarty Pants knows

Starfall Learn to Read


Phonics Steps to Reading Success

Order Pat Doran's EDU-Steps to Reading Success here!

ABeka Book Publications

Get Free Sample Catalogs at

Abeka Academy DVD Courses

$20 Phonics Flipcharts.

Scholastic Book and Software Club

Order Free Scholastic Book and Software Club Catalogs for Pre-K thru Grade 8.

Cooking for Kids

Recipes for young people. Talking about favorite foods, use Favorite things activity.

Free English Flashcards

MES-English ESL/EFL Resources for Teachers - ESL/EFL resources for Teachers of Young Learners - 900+ FREE flash cards, phonics cards, game cards and activities all ready for download and use this afternoon.


Publishes writing from kids around the world.


Children's / Students’ Links

Children’s Literature & Fun Links

Wordsmyth Childrens Dictionary

Word Central Student Dictionary

Fact Monster Encyclopedia

Jenny Eather - Kids Math(s) Dictionary

Little Explorers Picture Dictionary


Children’s Global Network

offers original song lyrics for many areas of life.

A resource for songs about: peace, justice, compassion, conflict, resolution, nonviolence, anti-bias, fear, grief, bullying, patriotic songs, the global family.

Universal Children’s Audio Kids’ Music Links

Values and Virtues Education

Llerrah’s Kids’ Song Collection Online

Just click to hear cute children’s songs for learning English.

Roger Knapp’s Kidsongs and Poems like Love You Forever

Love You Forever

Love You Forever by Robert Munsch. A mother held her new baby and very slowly rocked him back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And as she rocked him, she sang this song:

Kids’ Songs WebRing

Mama Lisa's World: Children's Songs of All Nations

Features children's songs from over 75 countries in their original languages, with English translations. Some songs include sheet music and musical recordings. New contributions of songs and recordings are always welcome!

Learn English Through Song

Teach and learn English through specially written grammatical songs. For ESL, EFL and English learners of any ages. Teach and Learn English grammar, pronunciation and vocabulary in a fun environment.


Time 4 Learning

Teach Children to Learn to Read Online - Time4Learning is an online learning system for children, PreSchool through

Middle School teaching language arts, math & more. Online learning & fun.


Order any for $20 including free shipping via our Order Form:

  • Listening to Lovely Childrens' Songs and Lullabies (J.P. Loucky, 2000).
  • Listening for the Reasons for the Seasons (J.P. Loucky, 2002).
  • Listening to Love Songs with Cloze Exercises (J.P. Loucky, 2001).


Create Your Own Comic Strips

Encourage Writing, Reading and Communication using comics.

This site offers fun animal and human characters with different moods, thought and talk balloons to fill in with words, and story prompts. It's a wonderful resource to spur children and adults to write, read and communicate their ideas and to practice English and other languages.

Here children and adults can create their own comic strips, selecting from 10 fun characters with different moods - happy, sad, angry, worried – and write words for blank talk and thought balloons to make their characters talk and think. There also are story ideas and prompts to help users create graphic stories. This site can be used by educators to teach language, reading and writing skills, and also for students in English-as-a-Second-Language programs to facilitate self-expression and storytelling. Some educational therapists use it with deaf and autistic people to help them understand concepts and communicate. Parents and children can create stories together, then print them to create comic books or email them to friends and family. Here’s a place to be creative, calm down and have some fun!


For lower level students – matching pictures and words

Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Animal Coloring Pages for Kids

Disney Free Coloring Pages for Kids

Fruit Coloring Pages for Kids



offers free TOEFL, TOEIC and English Grammar and Vocabulary Practice Tests.

has lots of free and cheap practice downloads or CDs of offer.

has fun games to try.


Has great word, spelling and vocabulary games. You can also make your own easily for any set of words.


Speakaboos provides excellent quality “talking stories” on video with closed-captioning — often read by “celebrities.” They are also going to add the ability to record stories and other online activities. You can watch the stories without registering, though you will have to sign-up (for free) to record stories.

Storyline Online

This site has been around for quite awhile, and has had celebrities also reading stories. Storyline now offers closed-captioning with all its stories.

English Themes for Beginners and Early Intermediates

Most links on this page have both audio and text.

Poptropica Again

Poptropica is a great free online game from Pearson that is very well-designed.

English Topics for Beginners or Early Intermediate Learners


Into the Book Reading Strategies

Interactively demonstrates 9 most important Strategies for Learning and Reading


My Happy Planet

Learn the language of your choice from people who can naturally speak it. Practice with native speakers and improve your language skills… for free! Make friends around the world and learn about different cultures. Help build a community of learners by teaching them a foreign language. Take advantage of tools like language lessons and instructional videos. Credible. This service is developed by a collaboration of Harvard, Duke and Northwestern University students. For your Languages Yahoo E-group, sign-up here!

My Happy Planet

IATEFL Young Learners Special Interest Group

IATEFL Young Learners SIG: English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) directory of resources for young learners. One of the best lists of links of ESL/EFL resources for children on the Internet. For very young learners (<7 years old), primary school children (7-12), and secondary school students (13-17).


Dossier (in French) on online collaborative learning.

Edulinks: telelernen und internet in der lehre

A non-commercial portal with articles, links, books, conferences as software related to online learning in tertiary contexts.

ELC Study Zone

Free Samples for Grammar, Vocab and Writing practice at many levels. Embedding Learning Materials

A website devoted to embedding learning materials into ELT. This is a well laid out website for learning and teaching professionals, and for developers working to promote innovation and best practice in education, where you will find a wealth of practical materials to download, designed to help you. The site is designed for ELT, but has wide applicability to other languages. Some links may no longer be live.

The Ethnograph

Software for Social Scientists who work with Text Based Data. Tool for ethnographic research. The website has a page of very clear screen-shots, letting you see how easy the procedures are. The webpage on the demo version does not reveal the extent of the work that can be done, but asks you to fill in a form saying whether you wish to receive marketing information. Two chapters from its manual are available to download: ‘Chapter 2: Overview’ and ‘Chapter 4:Quick Tour’.

Books for Beginning Readers

Tar Heel Reader is a great collection of free, easy-to-read, and accessible E-Books on a wide range of topics. Each book can be speech-enabled and accessed using multiple interfaces (i.e. switches, alternative keyboards, touch screens, and dedicated AAC devices). The books may be downloaded as slide shows in PowerPoint, Impress, or Flash format. You may even write your own books using pictures from the huge collection at Flickr or from pictures you upload yourself.

International Children’s Digital Library

Children’s Digital Library offers 10,000+ Free Kid’s Books Online!).

Children’s Stories in many languages. (Search by Country, Language, Age, Award-winning, Book Cover, etc.)


Child (English)

Child (Japanese)

Child (Chinese)


Safe Links for Kids:

World Kids Network

This site is very safe and has lots of fun links where kids can play online in security. Safety tips are given.

Futurekids Online

Looking for a cost effective, comprehensive online learning and communication environment that aligns to major funding streams?

Futurekids online is a comprehensive, customizable web-based solution that integrates best-of-breed educationally relevant solutions for your school or district. Futurekids online will deliver a complete online learning, training and communication environment for everyone in your school or district. The platform was developed to meet the specific funding requirement for several major U.S. funding programs including No Child Left Behind.

The Futurekids solution empowers educators, students, and administrators to be proficient with technology as a learning, instruction, administrative and communication tool resulting in better learning outcomes and improved return on investment.

Many interesting Learning Games and Activities, Stories and Holiday Episodes. Read Short Flash Stories!

Links for Kids

Web-Programming Demos and Lessons

D.Film MovieMaker

Create Short Story Movies!

Although not originally intended for language learning, D. Film Moviemaker is a Flash-based site which lets users create short movies. This is done by selecting the background, the sky, the characters, how the characters meet, their dialogue (which appears as text in cartoon bubbles), and finally background music. My experience with this site in the classroom has been extremely positive with students creating some original, creative short stories with this site. Excellent for task-based projects.

Origami CLub shows you how to make various Origami shapes (but in Japanese!).

Design Dictionary

Design Search Engine

Design Taxonomy

DESIGN is an ever-growing, all-encompassing field that accommodates a plethora of different disciplines. How would a contemporary hierarchical tree of Design look like? The proposed challenge is simply to visualize the contemporary Design landscape.


Visual Geography is a nice site available in 5 European languages with images, information, and quizzes about 85 countries around the world. The text is accessible to Intermediate English Language Learners, and the images are obviously good for students of all levels. Good quizzes about each country, and a neat feature called “Compare,” by which you can pick any two countries and easily compare their demographic data with the click of the mouse. lets you explore the world through images, flags, money, language, maps and other information.

Best Online Learning Games

(in Larry Ferlazzo’s Opinion, that is!)

Inspirational Stories from Roger Knapp

Pre-school and first-grade beginning reading skills presented with attractive stories and colors.


Spanish Learning Programs

Viaje al pasado: los aztecas

Online version (2004), free access. El perfecto simple y el imperfecto en la narración y la descripción. CD-ROM version, Mac/PC (2005), available at

Yahoo Everything Index

FoundVideo from

Funny Seinfeld Babies Routine

Classical Music for Kids Links

Classical Music Site

Creative Kids Central has a number of very engaging online activities related to classical music. See its "talking" and musical story on the 1001 Arabian Nights and its online video game on the composer Brahms Both are accessible to English Language Learners.

Music Bookrs for Kids

Music Software for Kids


TutPup is a new (beta) site for educational games for kids. This site is for kids ages 5-14 and focuses on math, spelling, etc. Best of all, this site is COPPA compliant and is safe for kids to use.


YouTube has launched a global competition to inspire the next generation of scientists and engineers. YouTube Space Lab challenges teens ages 14 Ð 18 to create a science experiment that can be performed in space. The two winning experiments will be conducted aboard the International Space Station and live streamed on YouTube. Space Lab is part of YouTubeÕs larger commitment to highlighting and providing access to the wealth of educational content available on YouTube as well as Space Lab partner, Lenovo's, focus on equipping students with 21st century skills via information technology.

Food Champs

Food Champs has a lot different leveled activities related to food vocabulary and nutrition. Most, if not all, of the site is accessible to English Language Learners. See more under Food.

Year in Review-CNN's "2010: Year in Review"

CNN has a very nice 2010: Year in Review interactive slideshow. See more at The Best Year-End Collections Of Images - 2010. Seinan JoGakuin University Website for Loucky Classes

Yahoo Toolbar


Yappr is a nice site/community for creating flash cards or quizzes. A user can create a flash card, true/false, or multiple choice-type quiz. Best of all, being in a web 2.0 community, users can upload/share their flash card or quizzes w/ others. For English language learners, I check out Yapper's spin off site by clicking here. For Dave Kapuler's top 10 sites for creating quizzes click here.

YouTube Educational Videos

YouTube Launches Ed Site That Isn't Supposed To Be Blocked By Filters

YouTube has unveiled a site where they are only placing educational videos and where comments will be disabled. The site - is supposed to be able to be allowed through content filters even though YouTube itself is blocked. You can read more about it at the MindShift blog. In the meantime, you might also want to check out The Best Ways To Access Educational YouTube Videos At School. is a professional online communicator for collaborative meetings, instruction, learning and friendly chats with family and friends. Try its free Demo!

Join a live video chat now!

Free Demo Lessons

Internet-based, interactive audio-visual English learning center with instructions in 21 languages.

Free Demo and great online Business Opportunity!

Click on a flag to choose a language.

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free online dictionary
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online electronic translation tools

ESL Lounge

Free ESL Lesson Materials for teachers. Grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more. All free and printable.

Online Conference/Classroom
Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

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IP2Phrase allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of their defaults.


The web This site

Google Advanced Search
Google Language Translation Tools
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Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
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Babel Fish translation

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FoxLingo – The Ultimate Language Tool!

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Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc.

Main Features
  • Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
  • Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
  • Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
  • Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
  • Language Resources - Over 90 language services (encyclopedias, text-to-speech, etc.)
  • Ixquick - Metasearch engine with unique features, language search and complete privacy
  • Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites for a variety of languages
  • Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
  • Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from its users
Supports 45 languages & over 1,000 different language pairs

Afrikaans, Arabic, Aranese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh

Uses 35 free online web page translator services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Free Bible Commentary
Audio New Testaments Click on your country's flag to translate this site!
AltaVista Babel Fish Translation

Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators

Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English.

Currency Converter
Time Converter

50 BEST Sites in 60 Minutes SLIDESHARE

2Lingual is BEST Bilingual Search Engine!

Web 20-21st Century Tools

Click to search in your own language!

TeachiT Video Lessons on IT/Ed Tech

Other Translations Here:

Dicts Info’s index page shows Flags and Links to free Web Dictionaries in about 80 languages.

All with Lesson Plans & Word/PDFiles.

Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

ESL Student & Teaching Links

Great Reading, Speaking & Vocabulary Activities

This site uses WordChamp to automatically translate words on this page into about 140 languages! CLICK for a free account so you can also SAVE new words into files.
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Asia-Pacific CALL Top Teacher Resource Sites

APA CALL President J-B Son's Homepage
CALL Resources and Research

Internet-Based Language Instruction (IBLI)
Sample Work from J-B Son's Students

Internet-Based Language Teaching
(Roger Underwood Collection)

Distance & Self-Access Language Programs

English Specialist
English Specialist

EFL practice exercises

Web 2.0 Tools Slideshow

Information Technology Tools

"BEST of the Best"
of Larry Ferlazzo’s most highly recommended websites to help you teach English, ESL or EFL!

The Best Websites Summarized
The "Best of the Best" Websites of 2007-2008

Website With 8,000 Links

Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher

International Children’s Digital Library
10,000+ Children’s Stories in many languages.

READ & HEAR Folktales and Legends from around the world!

More World Folktales from ESL Station

Speak English Today

“Get in the Sandbox & Play with Us Kids!Eby using Twiddla Co-Browsing Tool Here:
Twiddle this page!

Top ESL/TESOL Programs
Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)
Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!

ESL Gold
ESL Gold explained in 15 languages!

ESL Point
ESL Point

A treasure trove of material for teaching and learning English


Mingoville is the world's most creative and comprehensive English language course online for kids of all ages.

Great Picture Book Maker!

Enchanted Learning
Enchanted Learning

Encyclopedia for Kids

List of A-Z Links to various language Encyclopedias and their Histories

Top 20 Web-based language learning activities/tasks - Andy Johnson’s annotated list of most useful CALL sites

Software sales

Free Language Translation Bar for 10 Languages.

Translate this page offers DAILY WORD PUZZLES, Root Word Study, etc to enhance vocabulary mastery and written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

Google Language Translation Tools
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Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
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Voice Thread Collaborative Site for Educators

Add Audio (TTS) to Any Blog!

Media Converter

Use Universal Messenger for free media and file transfers. makes Mobile Publishing easy.
Access ANY size Device/Document/Image ANYWHERE!

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games.

Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games. offers many FREE Vocabulary Tests online.

Click on the V to check how many words you know in English.

V-Check or can freely test your level!

Easy Dolch Word List Crossword Puzzles

fun with vocabulary

Computer Adaptive Test of Vocabulary Size & Strength

Take this free Vocabulary Size Test!

WordSmart: Test Your Vocab Level!

Free Vocabulary Levels Tests at LexTutor
Includes Receptive/Recognition and Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests; Word Association and Yes/No Tests

PROGRAMS MEASURING READABILITY provides Readability Scores for any Web pages and MS Word files in a flash!

The Internet Application for Creating Curriculum-Based Assessment Reading Probes

Improving Online Text Readability

Analyze text content using this free text analysis tool.

Discovery School
"The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom"

English Learning Resources
Ken Schmidt’s Short-List

the Language Resource Room

Word Surfing vocabulary learning strategies

Top ESL & Teacher Sites

TESOLMAX Top Sites Top Sites
The Top Sites for English Learners

ESL Web Guide: Your Guide to the Best ESL/EFL Websites! Recommendations from Dave’s ESL Cafe.

SEO - create one way text link ads to your website for top search engine listings.

I Love Languages

Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students

ITESLJ's Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Teachers

MES English games and other ESL / EFL resources for teachers

Foreign Word
translation wizard with free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages

Perceptia Press
EConversation, Excel, Music, PowerPoint and Word textbooks. Great texts for personal or class use.
Click here to order

Itzalist Webring
Bilingual Webring

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