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ABOUT AUTHOR (articles available) is to help improve Language Education in all areas, including:
 Serving as a Virtual Language Education Encyclopedia;
 Testing and improving CALL Collaboration Areas and Programs: Bilingual, Monolingual & Multilingual Glossing & Translation Programs, Text Analyzers and Readability Programs, Moodle Modules and Browser Add-ons to Enchance CALL;
 CALL Collaboration Tools, Instant Messaging, VoIP Tele-Conferencing Programs;
 Page Foto & File-sharing or Note-taking Programs;
 Web Presentation Tools and Services for Visual Communication;
 Social Networking Programs, Podcasts and Video-Blogs;
 Webtools and Web Content Strategies.


WebHeads Worldwide: View & Collaborate here!

Improbable Planet: How Earth Became HumanityÕ Home (Astro-Physicist Hugh RossÕs GREAT new book)

Visit Connecting All Language Learners

EFL Classroom Blog and Directory (D Deubel)

Collaborative Sharing for Teachers and Webheads using Tapped In Integrates VOA, Daily Proverbs, ESL Podcasts, Quizzes, L1 & L2 Dictionaries and Search Engines.

Kelly Ten-Dictionaries in One Online Encyclopedia
History, Cultural Literacy, Fine Arts, etc.

365 ESL Short Stories: Extensive Reading with full Dictionary and Listening Support! Listening and Reading Free Site for Intermediate ESL Learners delivers any online Newspaper in any language you'd like to read that has one!

'HERS News: Hear, Experience, Read, See'
Simultaneously do Extensive Reading, Listening, & Viewing of Online News (Chen's program using VOA, CNN, etc.)

Lingro Language Learner

Enter any Website to make all words clickable on this site. Lingro remembers all the words you look up, so you can easily review and study them.

Please go here for Quick Start Guide to Snap Account

Language Learning Quick Links

Language learning software
Language learning books & products

My Happy Planet
My Happy Planet

Learn a language. Make friends. Have fun.

A language learning community offering various services to improve your pronunciation, vocabulary, writing & listening.

"The Mixxer"
offers chances to teach your language in exchange for learning another.

Top Toolbox for Learning New Words!
Cobbs LexTutor Offers English / French Dictionary / Concordancer; Text-to-Speech & Word Learning Tests & Tools.

Hypertext Builder (from LexTutor)
Build resource-linked texts for online reading. Wire your own texts so Language Learners can use the support of:
E Audio with Text-to-Speech (TTS) sound
E Concordance + Dictionary/Dictionary only (Monolingual or Bilingual for Chinese, Japanese, Spanish or French (so far)
E Reading-plus: Provides resources to understand every word in any text!

Mr. B's English Learning Links: Cool links for learning English in outline form!
I. Reading Links
II. Writing and Essay Advice
III. Speeches
IV. Listening/Speaking
V. Intercultural Learning Links
VI. Dictionary Sites (Learner- & Other)
VIII. Technical English & Language Learning Technology
IX. Email Keypals
X. More English Learning Links

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Logos Dictionary

World of Reading

The Largest Language Learning Software Shop
Mention CALL4ALL to get a discount!

Favorite CamSoft Collection of CALL Websites (Graham Davie's Great CALL Glossary)

A-Z Topical CALL Reference Bibliography of Print Media Regarding Technology in Education and Language Learning (Compiled by Vance Stevens)

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Maintained by The Internet TESL Journal.

Language-Learning and Teaching Links Index

Excellent language, internet research and search tools.

78 Websites Every EFL Teacher Should Know

English Resources for Students & Teachers (Illustrated CALL Sites)

Internet-Based Language Teaching (Roger Underwood Collection)

Online English Language Center (U. of Oregon)

Nations University
Free online Bible education

Mark's ESL World
Weblion Leo's Learning Links

Currency Converter

Weblion Leo’s Learning Links
Weblion Leo’s Learning Links

Jones Avenue Adult Centre Computer Assisted ESL

Search Insightin Dictionary
Find what new words mean right here instantly!



Free download!
Get instant dictionary, thesaurus, and encyclopedia access from your Windows programs with

Concept Mapping
Emap out relationships between conceptual area, semantic field, thematic topics and word relations and associations. Library of Dictionary and Encyclopedia Links

ECTACO Electronic Dictionary


    Into English
    From English

© Ectaco, Inc




Lingo24 Translation
Free translations for major languages Instant Translation for 42 Languages

Lingvosoft free online dictionary
Lingvosoft online dictionary
From language:
To language:

online electronic dictionaries

JAPANESE COLLEGES, A-Z Index to University Websites in Japan.

Japanese WWII Hero to Jews.

Japanese Fonts


Or put together interactive magazines, papers, and books with this web-based publication editor.

Jigsaw Planet

Play or create your own online jigsaw puzzles out of any picture or photo you have. Japanese to English/German/French/Russian dictionary

Just hover the mouse on top of a word, and a popup appears. Automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives. Detailed kanji view.

Rikaichan: Add-ons for Firefox

Job Interview Hints Great site for learning Japanese!

Simple English News: Yes, you can learn English!

It's Never Too Late to Learn English, Nanotechnology, The History of Newspapers, etc.

David Cain, World Champion Juggler

JapanKnowledge: JapanKnowledge

Contents for OneLook In terms of marked contents you can use them as the membership of 'JK personal + R' course. Encyclopedia Complete Japanese Encyclopedia (Encyclopedia Nipponica).

Japan - Britannica Online Encyclopedia

Fostering Female Engineers

God's Fingerprints in Japan 1 on Vimeo

Are there Bridges or Fingerprints Leading Japanese to God?

Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies

Register & Read beta

Register & Read now includes more than 1,200 titles from nearly 800 publishers all over the world. Users who sign up for a MyJSTOR account may read up to three articles online every two weeks. For free. Register & Read Beta is a new, experimental program to offer free, read-online access to individual scholars and researchers who register for a MyJSTOR account. Register & Read follows the release of the Early Journal Content as the next step in our efforts to find sustainable ways to extend access to JSTOR, specifically to those not affiliated with participating institutions.

Japanese Language Study Sites


Popjisyo supports online reading for learners of English or Japanese

English to Japanese Dictionary

English to Japanese dictionary made by a native Japanese speaker.

Tools for Learning Japanese and Other Languages

Japanese Learning Links


Yes I Can Use Chopsticks!

Similar but geared toward the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT): [1 is the highest level of proficiency and includes writing kanji - Chinese Characters]

Liz Learns Japanese

A list more of self-learning technique sites

Japanese Language School: LCMJ

Where culture and ministry skills are taught right along with the language? Are you searching for a training center which doesn't require a long commute? Come to LCMJ (Language and Culture for Ministry) Training Center in Karuizawa and you will experience it all! Just an hour by train and two and a half hours by car from Tokyo! LCMJ is situated in a very supportive community where you can practice today's lesson with Japanese people to deepen your retention and increase your skills. We also offer Skype lessons for those who can't get to Karuizawa or who aren't even in Japan yet. Check out our website. Like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter.


Japanese TV and Movie Drama Reviews.

JACET (Japan Association of College English Teachers)

Free Online Radio Tunes

10 Things Japanese People do Better!

JxJ Seattle Site to help Overseas Japanese connect with loving families and friends!

Jux lets you display just about any content you have - photos, slideshows, video, text - in a very attractive way. It's worth a look, though it's a little too complicated for my taste, and I think for many students - especially considering the more simple options available. a2



Duolingo is a wonderful new (private beta) for learning a foreign language. This is done by having users translate the web/text at their learning place. Sentences are given to users at their own learning pace and if they don't know a word DL helps by supplying correct words w/ images. For another great foreign language learning site using more multimedia materials, check out Study Stream.

Livedoor Translate is Korean-based

It can translate between 9 Languages:English - Chinese, Korean, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese.

Nifty Honyaku: Does English - Japanese Translations. | Similar Websites

19 Best Websites that are similar to Translate.livedoor.

Kanji Games Website

Kanji Wordsearch Facebook Page

JET Guide to Life in Fukuoka, JAPAN

Japan Reference Page

Japanese Bilingual Bible Resources (OMF)

Japanese (with Furigana) Tongue-Cut Sparrow Folktale

Japan Shop Japanese Learning Tools (with Instant Downloads!)

Japanese (with Furigana) Tongue-Cut Sparrow Folktale, Instant MP3 Download, with many other Japanese Idioms, Folktales, Phone Conversation, etc.

Miura Ayako's Tongue-Cut Sparrow Christmas Play in Japanese

Japanese Religious History

See "God's Fingerprints in Japan," DVD 1 & 2 here free!


J@M offers great video dialogues covering 14 language situations.

Jing ScreenCapture Story and Download

(for Japanese learners of English)

Core Vocabulary Level of 1900 English words

Directory to all areas of life in Japan.

English Worship Services in various parts of Japan

Useful Links for Students

Another collection of English learning sites annotated in Japanese.

Japanese Language Learning, Culture and Study Links


Kanji Converter for Japanese

New! One-Click Translation to Hiragana, Romaji, English

Convert Kanji and Websites to Romaji or Hiragana (with translation, too). A resource for studying Japanese and Kanji, & improving vocabulary. With most Nihongo, this online translator has an accuracy rate of about 99.5%.

Learn Japanese

Learn Japanese online free with audio flash cards, review games, and free Japanese lessons.

Google Maps Japan in English & Romaji

New! One-Click Translation

Nihongo Jouzu

Nihongo is James Heisig’s Stuff for Learning Japanese Collection. Great stuff at that!


News on Japan

Look Japan


Japan Today

The Japan Zone

Japan photos by Frantisek Staud

Key Aspects of Japan

Japan Echo

October 1999 articles on English educationa2

Japanese English Teaching Sites

Junko Takefuta, PhD

Vocabulary Learning Website in Japanese.

TOEFL Mail Magazine

(Japanese and English)

Japan’s National Institute of Informatics’ Cyber Projects


Daily easy Japanese Podcasts

on a wide variety of topics.

Mp3 Japan

mp3japan: provides MANY mp3 files from NHK Audio Series.

Basic Japanese (100 Episodes) for You and Brush Up Your Japanese (50 Episodes) are included.


Read and listen simultaneously to 5-minute Japanese intermediate topics here.

NHK Radio News in Japanese

(4 Broadcasts Daily)

4 Times Daily at Adjustable Speeds for easy repeated listening. (amane)

Read and listen simultaneously to fast-talk on a variety of topics. Native speed.

Great news listening practice for upper level learners of Japanese.


A resource for Intermediate to Advanced students of Japanese or Nihongo-Juku3-6’ Audio-Enhanced casual reading materials.

Companion Blog offers full transcripts of each Podcast, along with full Vocab Lists of new terms.



365 Days of Advanced Japanese Stories. (“365 Hibutsugo”)

3’ Readings from Haruyama Yoichi’s 365 Days of Stories of important historical events that occurred on each day of the year. A great way to learn world history while learning Japanese!

Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime

Audio Books read by Kasumi Kobayashi. (Genji Monogatari, Tosa Dairy, Basho, etc.

Hope for Living after Earthquake in Japan: Survivors' Testimonies.

Audio Bible in Japanese

Kanji Box

Kanji Box is a simple Japanese character/vocabulary quiz application which operates within Facebook.

It allows you to choose an ability level (Beginner to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level 1) and then test yourself on kana, kanji and vocabulary. Once you have trained up via the drill function you can sit a quiz and then get feedback in the form of stats. Having a score is a great motivation because it gives you a clear target to beat next time you sit the quiz. The stats page also shows your progress in terms of both JLPT level and General Use kanji (plus the kanji used in personal names).

American Embassy and Consulates in Japan Services

Search for Japanese addresses in English

Japan’s Transportation in Tokyo

English information about the Tokyo Subway System is available here.

Fantastic brief Guide to Japan

Fukuoka-ken and City Guide

with many helpful links to services

Japanese People Famous in Modern Times

Learn Japanese @

Learn Japanese with free Japanese lessons in podcast format uses examples from anime and everyday conversation to teach you Japanese that is useful for everyday life.



Jim Breen’s Japanese to English Translation Page.

Input Japanese text or webpage for instant translation.

Jeffrey’s Japanese <> English Dictionary Server

Also see his searchable database of Kanji information. If your browser does have Japanese support, you can get it here.

Honyaku translation

Parallel Online Translation for English<>Japanese.

(Students should be aware that machine translations are often inaccurate, though they are constantly improving online.)

Excite translation

Parallel Online Translation for English<>Japanese.

(Students should be aware that machine translations are often inaccurate, though they are constantly improving online.)


A Japanese Reading Resource for students of Japanese.

This blog provides casual reading material with audio for intermediate and advanced students of Japanese. Includes Bilingual Vocabulary lists. One can post questions and comments in English or Japanese. For kanji memorization practice, please visit their sister site just below this one. Cards

Practice Japanese Kanji using Online Flashcards here! Choose your level.

A free online game and puzzle maker. Includes Word Search, Crosswords, Math Games, etc. Teachers or students can make them, add Clipart, Mazes, Hidden Messages. Puzzlemaker is a puzzle-generation tool anyone can use inputting your own word lists to create enjoyable online games or use templates given.


Access free Japanese-English and English-Japanese online dictionaries, or buy portable electronic dictionaries.


Lots of sentence examples and not just words - bidirectional, bilingual Japanese-English and English-Japanese dictionary


For immediate access online glossing between English, Japanese, Chinese, and Spanish.



Japanese to English free online dictionary - one of the most thorough dictionaries with example sentences for many words, with multiple synonyms.


This English to Japanese dictionary contains over 150,000 Kanji combination references, and over 100,000 example sentences. Click on a Kanji combination to see example sentences.

English<>Japanese online dictionary in Romaji

In order to assist Japanese language students, we are making available an online copy of an English<>Japanese online dictionary in Romaji with

  • Highly useful English to Japanese dictionary for beginners
  • Visual, in easy-to-read Romaji, in easy-to-find format
  • Free to use: No registration, no membership, and no sign up
  • Contains more than 10,000 useful words
  • Classroom tested for over 15 years; Updated annually
  • Contains common everyday, usable words and expressions
  • Verb entries show -MASU and dictionary forms

The Japan Shop

Japanese-English portable electronic dictionaries for sale. Great service, advice and selection of bilingual electronic dictionaries for learning Japanese or English (bi-directional).

Quizzes on commonly-used Japanese words (sorted by kanji), multiple-choice flash quizzes using all commonly-used words (from EDICT) for each kanji.

Kelly's Ten-Fold Miracle Dictionary

Japanese Language Study

from ITESLJ's Great Archives

Japanese dictionaries

- great reviews


Foreign Word

7 excellent free online English-Japanese-English dictionaries

Excite Translation Japanese translation engines

Jim Breen's

Japanese-English, English-Japanese online dictionary.


Japanese-English, English-Japanese dictionary server. Searchable database of Kanji word forms and grammar information.


Japanese language; prehistoric Japanese news; simplified form of Jeffrey's Japanese<->English dictionary server. Includes Romaji searchability.

Pacific Software Publishing's

Bi-directional English-Japanese dictionary. To use the dictionary, simply type in the word you would like to find in the box below and press the Search button. To find a Japanese definition of an English word, type in the English word. To look up a Japanese word, you must type in kana or kanji to find the definition. The dictionary is not designed to accept romanized Japanese input.


Omniglot Japanese Links

Finest collection of Japanese online dictionaries, fonts, study links, culture and news sites before Kelly’s or CALL4ALL.US appeared.

Japanese Writing Systems.

Great, brief explanation.

The Japanese Page

Great E-mailings to help your Japanese study!

Japanese Language Lessons

This site "teaches Japan's language and culture through the experiences of an expatriate family newly transferred to Tokyo." Follow the lessons to learn about language, "life, culture and Japan's history."

Nihongo o Narau - Learn Japanese

"This site is dedicated to teaching Japanese to speakers of English." Includes links to vocabulary, grammar, writing, expressions, conversations, songs, and more.

Japanese Online

Since 1996, has been providing free learning services to people who wish to study the Japanese language. This service was later expanded to include Japanese mathematics and a very popular forum / BBS service.

Mainichi Shinbun

Bilingual English-Japanese Online News

Japan for Kids

Zoom in on Japanese themes for children at this enchanted site.

Japanese Picture Dictionary

for beginners in Romaji

Kanji Learning

Japanese Kanji learning site and web log.

Kanji Step

Japan language links, books, study materials, teachers and schools, chat, forum, etc. online teaching, proficiency test hints, mail friend, etc.

At you can find information about the Japanese language, culture and other Japanrelated topics. Their goal is to help students of Japanese to master the language and build a global community of people interested in Japan, its language and culture. The site offers free language teaching materials of all levels for self-study. Currently there are over 200 pages and over 600 sound files available. language exchange, post cards.

About Japanese Language Resource Center and Kanji Step

While surfing the Internet we discovered many sites dealing with the topic of Japanese Language teaching but unfortunately most of these sites only cover a few aspects of the Japanese language. KanjiStep was born out of the idea to provide in-depth language study materials for all levels of students of the Japanese language on the Internet.

KanjiStep, as the name suggests, offers a step-by-step introduction to the Japanese Language. This site is not dedicated to the teaching of Kanji (Chinese Characters) only but covers all aspects like reading, writing, grammar and other Japan or culture related topics. Within KanjiStep we tried to divide the study materials into four skill levels (Step 1-4) according to the definitions of the Japanese Proficiency test. This site contains over 600 spoken sound examples as well a reading and writing materials for self-study.

KanjStep is created and maintained by the Japanese Language Resource Center (JLRC). JLRC is a group of certified Japanese teachers, offering their help to foreigners. Most of the teachers have many years of experience teaching Japanese in- and outside Japan. The technical part of the web site is created and maintained exclusively by MetaBit Systems Ltd. Japan.

The Japanese Language Resource Center has set itself the following goals when starting this project.

1. Providing a professional Japanese language learning program on the internet.

2. Creating a global community of people interested in the Japanese language and its culture.

3. Providing all services for free or at a very low cost.

4. Creating / producing Internet or Multimedia based language learning tools.

Kanji Gold

Free download software program. With a Japanese word processor like JWPCE you can easily customize your kanji and vocabulary studies to match any text you are currently using. The program is suitable for all levels of Japanese study.

  • Automatic and customizable review system.
  • Custom color selection.
  • Kanji choices available in On , Kun and English.
  • All Level 1 and Level 2 Japanese Kanji (about 6000).
  • Compounds sorted into Grade levels (0 -9) kanji. (over 44,000 compounds).
  • Custom Dictionaries for compounds (can be made with JWPCE).
  • Custom Dictionaries can be used for vocabulary study.
  • Custom kanji lists and dictionaries (can be made with JWPCE).
  • Includes Kanji lists for many popular kanji texts (with page numbers).
  • Kanji POPUP feature that automatically flips through kanji and/or compounds while you are using other programs.
  • Unique kanji study list method to help in memorization of Kanji.

    Duke University

    Created for and funded by Duke University Asian & African Languages and Literature. You can also click the lesson titles to see full listings of the kanji to study at three levels, with normal and compact screen views for quicker review.

    Japanese Dictionaries at Duke

    Japanese Character Dictionary with compound lookup via any kanji.

    Japanese Dictionaries on the Web

    E-kanji Web Server Sponsored by the Jinbunken (Institute for Humanities Research) at Kyoto

    The Japanese Writing System

    Duke University East Asian Collection: Japanese Studies

    Genki Online Self-study Room

    A kanji vocabulary list for each lesson of the three textbooks are also available.

    A Select List of Japanese Language Study Sites

    4800 Word Quiz

    Jim Breen's Many Links

    Tokyo-Based Links

    Asian Language Links

    Weblion Leo’s Learning Links.

    Excellent for Japanese and those wanting to learn English or Japanese.

    Triple Play Plus

    Japanese Learning CD

    Japanese Reading Materials Bank

    Click on the above and you will find yourself at an English page introducing "'Reading Tutor' designed to help JFL/JSL learners improve their reading skills in Japanese." On this page are links to level checks, dictionary tools, reading resources bank and quizzes on reading comprehension.

    Graded Readers for Learners of Japanese

    Explanations in Chinese, Japanese, Korean and English.

    Graded Readers for Learners of Japanese

    Homepage in Japanese.

    Word Challenge: Bilingual English<>Japanese Vocabulary Learning

    Includes useful links to: Englishcaster, siu eCampus, VOA e-Learning, reading time, English Breeze and Mobile Phone URLs as well as Quizzes on about 1,000 words.

    Bilingual English<>Japanese Vocabulary Slide Training Online

    Builds up your automatic word meaning recognition skills in these two languages simultaneously. 1,000 words total may be reviewed in 50 sets of 20 words each.



    The story behind Eijiro: the most popular Japanese/English Web Dictionary. The reason why Eijiro is so good is because it was made by translators for ... The name “Eijiro” itself is a play on a common Japanese boys name is a great place for free Language Exchange! Allows you to start your own Japanese Language Blog, which natives speakers will help correct for free! Corrections will be highlighted so you can easily learn from your own mistakes.


    Study Japanese language, Kanji; learn about Japanese. Yookoso! is a portal for those who study Japanese language (Nihongo) and writing (Kanji) and those who want to travel to Japan or learn more about Japanese. Yookoso! Study Japanese language, Kanji; learn about Japanese.

    Rikai Chan add-on for Firefox

    Get dictionary help with the Rikaichan add-on for the Firefox web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client.

    Rikaichan is a Japanese to English/Ger man/French/Russian dictionary. Once it’s installed in your computer, just hover the mouse over a word on your screen, and a pop-up appears. It automatically de-inflects verbs and adjectives. To get started:

    1. Download the web browser Firefox ( and/or the email client Thunderbird (www corn/thunderbird).

    2. Find the Rikaichan add-on for Firefox by going to ( and doing a search for “rikaichan”.

    3. Find the Rikaichan add-on for Thunder-bird if you use that for bilingual E-mail.



    Great for getting meanings and example phrases.


    A good dictionary for getting readings of difficult Kanji.


    Good for getting a quick translation of a whole section of material (copy and paste English or Japanese).

    Jim Breen's dictionary

    An extensive online Japanese dictionary.

    Jim Breen's home page

    also has some excellent resources.


    Japan Discovery Challenge (JDC)

    The KyoEx Competition

    Seinan JoGakuin English Department Moodle


    Japan Review

    This website offers reviews of books in English about Japan on a variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction as well as interviews with authors and other respected Japan scholars. The producers of the site are American and Japanese-speaking Japanese Americans with experience of living and working in Japan. Their site is not a business and aims to be as objective as possible in their reviews. This looks to be a very useful source of information about books on Japan. You can also sign up for an e mail newsletter.

    Japan Times

    (English Newspaper).

    Japan Travel Guide

    from Kampo in Japanese.


    Fukuoka City, Fukuoka-ken JAPAN Guide with Video and English Scripts

    Fukuoka Prefecture Maps and Travel Data

    Fukuoka City Areas

    Fukuoka City Tourist Attractions

    Fukuoka English Guide

    Fukuoka City Guide in Various Languages

    Hakata New Life Church (Fukuoka, JAPAN)

    Mobile Site:

    Japanese Language Learning Videos

    Jahoot: Search many Social Networking sites at once.


    Speaking Japanese Literature

    Breaking into Japanese Literature is designed to make great works of Japanese literature accessible. It features four stories by Natsume Soseki, the father of modern Japanese literature, and three stories by Akutagawa Ryonosuke, the Japanese master of the short story. The book presents the seven stories with the Japanese original and the English translation side-by-side, with a dictionary running along the bottom of the page. To get maximum enjoyment and benefit from this site, it is best to have read the book first. You listen to the stories free but to read you need to buy the book which can be easily done on line. This web site offers sound files of all seven stories in the book. Download a file and see if you can keep up, reading the kanji at native speed as you follow the text. If you feel really confident you can just listen to the story without looking at the text. Note that audio is provided as a single sound-file for Soseki's Ten Nights of Dreams (Nights 1, 3, 5, 7). Akutagawa's In a Grove, The Nose and Rashomon are much longer and so are divided into six or so sound-files each.

    Nights of Dreams

    This page takes you straight to Soseki's Nights of dreams no 1 which you can listen to in Japanese free. It is short and easy to listen to.


    Laugh Lab looked for the funniest joke in the world. 40,000 got sent in.

    Learn English 4 Free Online

    Visit our English Learner Forum and Chat to improve your English. Try a test, laugh at the jokes, read the news, sign up for newsletter.

    Jokes for English Classes


    Good English Good Job

    A network of Business English trainers who help learners with good English to find good jobs.

    ESL Teachers Board

    Free access to over 2,500 ESL job offers worldwide, 2,200 ESL resumes.

    Free lessons written by teachers / professional writers, audio lessons, 50 articles, list of international ESL schools (1,090), ESL Java games / quizzes, ESL discussion forum, etc.

    Career Key

    Students take Personality Quiz online to see what kinds of work they may be suited for. Then work on Jobs That Fit My Personality section. Talk about skills, character and how to find the right job for you. Careers, Daily Routines, Ideal Job.

    TEFL Asia - Teachers Connect

    devoted to the training and placement of skilled English teachers all over the SE Asia region.


    The most comprehensive Directory of English Language Schools in the World. An excellent tool for anyone looking for work abroad. You will get your TESL Job in a few hours.

    Sample Resumes

    Find the right resume sample. Get info on resume services and job search

    Interview Questions

    A job interview questions guide for jobseekers and for interviewers.

    Education and Career Guide

    Actuarial Jobs

    Great graduate career opportunities with Actuarial Jobs

    Career Videos

    iSeek is an organization out of Minnesota designed to assist young people develop career goals. However, a lot of its materials would be useful wherever a student lives. There are many closed-captioned videos about different careers it has, most which are accessible to English Language Learners. See more under Jobs and Careers. Readers might also be interested in The Best Websites For Students Exploring Jobs and Careers.

    Orio Aishin Junior College

    Japanese, Chinese and Korean Search and Study Engines

    Japanese Search Engines


    Jesus: Man, Messiah, or More? Overview, Part I

    Was Jesus really the Son of God and the Messiah the Bible claims, or was He merely human like the rest of us? For the last 10 years, a group of scholars have been studying this very issue. Watch as they put forth their evidence, and then decide for yourself who Jesus really was.


    Chinese site on history and teachings of Christ

    Yeshua’s Code Broken

    The Name of Jesus Revealed in Code in the Old Testament (Book) By Yacov Rambsel.

    Da Vinci Code: Fiction or Fact?

    Da Vinci Code errors explained in Japanese


    Cyworld is a chat, photo-exchange club for young Korean, Chinese and Japanese students. So you have to be able to read one of those languages!

    JET Program

    Japan English Teachers info. Feel free to ask us for advice!


    National Association of Japan-American Studies

    Jennifer's Page of Links

    Language Resources, Computerized Dictionaries, Grammars, and other online language resources.

    Agape Bible and Counseling Media Ministry

    English-Japanese counseling and bible course media lending library. 44 Bilingual Courses available in Marriage, Family, Counseling and Bible subjects. All courses listed here are available for either rent or purchase in 3 Media Formats: as Cassettes, Videos or DVDs.

    China Teaching Opportunities

    Collocation Searches


    Japanese International School Directory

    The directory of International schools in Japan is a joint effort by the Tokyo Weekender and Global Daigaku to provide information to families about quality education in Japan. We understand that finding a good school for your children is an extremely important and difficult task. This can be even more challenging when living abroad, and we hope to to provide the tools to help you make the best decision for your children.

    Kyoto International University and Academy


    International school. Email them for a free Catalog or other information.

    Kyoto International University and Academy


    Think Quest

    Learning about Japanese things like Musical instruments.

    Japan Evangelical Missionary Association.

    JEMA Website Links include Japanese Language Schools.

    Japanese Church Directory

    History and teachings of Jesus of Nazareth

    Aims to help people of all cultural and spiritual backgrounds to better understand Jesus’ character and core message.

    Chinese Resources on Science and Faith Issues

    Free Song of a Wanderer download

    Other Chinese and Japanese Resources on Science and Faith Issues

    (Creative Design versus Chance Evolution, etc.)

    This web site is dedicated to articles on faith and science translated into Japanese from a variety of sources. Primary among these are articles appearing in "Facts for Faith", published first in hard copy and later electronically by Reasons to Believe ( is the Japanese equivalent of ("konkyo" being the Japanese word meaning "basis", as in one's "basis for belief"), and is maintained by the Japan branch of Reasons To Believe, operated by Timothy D. Boyle. is another related site that you'll find very helpful.

    Order his book via our Order Form: Bible Stories Hidden in Chinese Characters: A Japanese Perspective (in English $10 in Japan).

    Reasons To Believe; Facts For Faith;

    Order Boyle's book via our Order Form: Kanji ni Himerareta Seisho no Monogatari (#6 title in Japanese $20)

    Click here to order

    Creation-Evolution Debate

    Japanese booklets concerning Creation-Evolution Debate, Science and Faith Issues. To ask questions or order any of their products, Email AiG-Japan at

    Kyushu Connection’s Links

    Making friends in Kyushu is easy. Get info on restaurants, bars, clubs, sightseeing, events and parties and nightlife in Fukuoka, Oita, Saga, Nagasaki, Kumamoto, Kagoshima, Miyazaki, all of Kyushu. Study English and Japanese. Travel info in Kyushu is easy. Chat and send Instant Messages.


    Bible Japanese

    Learn Japanese by studying the Bible! Online Japanese Bible with furigana as well as English translation.

    International Bible Society

    Free Japanese and other language bible translations.

    Japanese Bibles

    and Translation History in English.

    Holynet Japanese Bible

    Korean site but it has a Japanese Bible.


    Korean site with a Japanese Bible


    Denmo Seisho

    Copyright free Demo Japaneese Bible.

    Other Japanese Bibles

    Japan Bible Society's Online Text Search

    Includes over 50 Bibles - with a Japanese and Korean Bible. It includes dozens of books, commentaries, the complete works of Josephus, history of the church, Calvin's Institutes, etc.


    Nakahama Manjiro

    The role of Nakahama Manjiro in the Opening of Japan to the World. lst Japanese Engineer and Pioneer in many fields.

    Nakahama Manjiro Mung

    Brief Tale of Nakahama Manjiro Mung, lst Japanse to visit America.

    Manjiro’s Visit to America

    20th Century Presidents recall Manjiro’s Visit.

    Nakahama Manjiro

    The first Japanese young man to live in America: John Mung Nakahama Manjiro or the two worlds of Nakahama Manjiro: a tale of the first Japanese to reside in America and later return to Japan to become a legendary figure in his own lifetime, by Paul C. Blum. Adapted for use by Japanese college students by John Paul Loucky. (Word doc file – left click to open, right click to download.)

    Japanese-American National Museum

    Store Products.

    Japanese-American National Museum Exhibitions

    Pearl Harbor Story

    The TRUE story of what happened to the Pearl Harbor Hero, Captain Fuchida.

    Joseph-Hardy-Neejima Joe Links

    2 Swords of Neejima Joe: Biography of Doushisha's Founder

    Toyohiko Kagawa

    Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Toyohiko Kagawa (Kagawa Toyohiko , 10 July 1888 – 23 April 1960 ) was a Japanese pacifist, Christian reformer, and labour activist. Kagawa was born in Kobe

    Toyohiko Kagawa, Renewer of Society

    Toyohiko Kagawa was born in 1888 in Kobe, Japan. Orphaned early, he enrolled in a Bible class in order to learn English, and found a new life.

    The knowledge of God

    Works by Toyohiko Kagawa

    Toyohiko Kagawa

    The Relation of Jesus to His Disciples

    Toyohiko Kagawa biography

    Toyohiko Kagawa was born in 1888 in Kobe, Japan. Orphaned early, he enrolled in a Bible class in order to learn.

    Toyohiko Kagawa

    Japanese social reformer Toyohiko Kagawa, history and biography of the pacifist.

    Kagawa Archives & Resource Center

    The Center was found by Kagawa Toyohiko, who was the most well-known Japanese Christian evangelist and social activist. Kagawa was also one of the best-known Japanese of the 20th Century as an excellent Japanese author, poet, philosopher, social worker, economist, and moral philosophy lecturer and preacher. His efforts were central to establishing a humane social welfare system in modern Japan, getting rid of slums, establishing the right of workers to organize, as well as women’s voting rights, establishing agricultural reforms and cooperatives, as well as workers’ and students’ cooperative movements throughout Japan. Among his most important social relief projects were his coordinating of relief to victims of the 1923 Kanto Great Earthquake and for victims of WWII firebombings in Tokyo. He was a life-long pacifist, friend of Einstein and Gandhi, whom he joined in a mutual quest for a peaceful, war-free world.

    Toyohiko Kagawa

    Biography: Toyohiko Kagawa, renewer of society (23 Apr 1960) Toyohiko Kagawa, Renewer of Society, was born in 1888 in Kobe, Japan. Orphaned early, he lived first with his widowed stepmother and then with an uncle. Died 1960.

    Future Institute Corporation’s Japanese version page

    Futurekids Online

    Looking for a cost effective, comprehensive online learning and communication environment that aligns to major funding streams? is an E-learning company in more than 73 countries with over one million kids learning from it.

    Futurekids Online

    Looking for a cost effective, comprehensive online learning and communication environment that aligns to major funding streams? is an E-learning company in more than 73 countries with over one million kids learning from it. List of schools using this program with Japanese menu.

    Japanese Chinese BBNBI News and Inspirational Radio Online

    ESL Pro features language teaching jobs in many places.

    Japanese Train Schedules and Fares in English

    Great Locator Engine!

    Jisyo means dictionary in Japanese

    With PopJisyo site, users type in a URL for a site and it opens within a frame of PopJisyo. Then, while a user hovers the mouse over a word, a pop-up of the word and lexical support is provided. There are over 10 dictionaries to choose from including Japanese->English, Japanese-> German, English->Korean, and English->Websters English dictionary. This site works really well with reading the news in various languages. Double-clicking words you come across adds them to your 'word list' so it is easy to study them later.

    Rikai means 'understanding' in Japanese and is very similar to PopJisyo

    In fact, they share many of the same functions. While PopJisyo used to be inferior to Rikai, over the past few years Rikai has become inferior and very distracting with dating ads, but it still remains an effective glossing tool between English, Chinese, Japanese and Spanish.

    Japanese Audio Books

    Tokyo Baptist Church

    Probably the largest and one of the most contemporary, warm and inviting international churches in Tokyo, Japan. Members from over 40 nations.

    Surveys of Japanese College Students

    Useful for any students actually.

    JET Program teaching English in Japan

    JET Program for qualified young Americans who want to teach English in Japan

    JET Program, Japan’s CLAIR Site

    Japanese Wikipedia and Search Engines

    Bilingual News in English and Japanese

    Parallel Version of The Nikkei Weekly


    A new software product that helps you to learn languages faster. Anki allows you to quickly create flashcards using your Windows PC and then study them while you're on the go using your Palm Powered PDA. Anki software, in combination with Anki-Builder, enables users to create and view flashcards, in many different languages, on desktop or Palm Powered® devices. Anki is not a language study course, nor is it language translation software.

    English Listening for Japanese People

    MP3 library of colloquial American English phrases, separated by topic.

    Translated for the benefit of Japanese learners of the English language.

    Includes podcasts and some English listening tests.

    Junko Takefuta’s Vocabulary Learning Method: Keywords in Use.

    (Ask for password to use via this site’s Contact Page.)


    Organize your photos, videos, RSS feeds, friends, into a private trusted network. Distribute data amongst friends, contacts and amongst individual groups. You can use Joodo to communicate with messages, chat in real-time, and share files and folders.


    Embed a text-chat on your site and interact with visitors.
 is a professional online communicator for collaborative meetings, instruction, learning and friendly chats with family and friends. Try its free Demo!

    Join a live video chat now!

    Free Demo Lessons

    Internet-based, interactive audio-visual English learning center with instructions in 21 languages.

    Free Demo and great online Business Opportunity!

    Click on a flag to choose a language.

    English  Chinese  Simplified Chinese  Russian  Spanish German Latvian-Lettish Hebrew Arabic Mongolian Korean Hungarian Dutch French Romanian Indonesian Estonian Polish IPortuguese Italian Lithuanian Turkish Japanese  Vietnamese  Thai  Tagalog

    free online dictionary
    Lingvosoft online dictionary From:     Word: 
    online electronic translation tools

    ESL Lounge

    Free ESL Lesson Materials for teachers. Grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more. All free and printable.

    Online Conference/Classroom
    Nellies English Projects is an educational website for students and teachers whose aim is to motivate students for lifelong learning. It provides resources for teachers on how to integrate technology into the classroom by means of project based and experiential learning using WebQuests. The site provides many educational resources, articles, lesson plans, evaluation rubrics, reading practice and collaborative writing ideas.

    Powered by
    IP2Phrase allows you to insert dynamic customizable welcome messages to your web page with geographical information.You can either design your own phrase or use one of their defaults.


    The web This site

    Google Advanced Search
    Google Language Translation Tools
    (Lite Version)
    Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
    (Input any URL or text)

    Babel Fish translation

    Type or paste text or web address here:
    Translate from:
    Powered by Systran

    FoxLingo – The Ultimate Language Tool!

    (works only with Firefox)

    Web Page Translation, Translated Search, Auto Translation, Text Translation, Language Resources, Learning Languages, etc.

    Main Features
    • Page Translation - Translates full web pages (over 1,000 different language pairs)
    • Translated Search - Searches foreign pages using terms written in your language
    • Auto Translation - Automatically translates websites by recognizing their domain
    • Text Translation - Translates text entered in the search box or selected on any web page
    • Language Resources - Over 90 language services (encyclopedias, text-to-speech, etc.)
    • Ixquick - Metasearch engine with unique features, language search and complete privacy
    • Learning Languages - Over 100 links to language learning sites for a variety of languages
    • Freeware - FoxLingo is completely free and contains no adware or spyware
    • Complete Privacy - FoxLingo does not take any information from its users
    Supports 45 languages & over 1,000 different language pairs

    Afrikaans, Arabic, Aranese, Basque, Bulgarian, Catalan, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Esperanto, Filipino, Finnish, French, Galician, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Icelandic, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Malay, Norwegian, Occitan, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish Latin American, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Welsh

    Uses 35 free online web page translator services,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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    Free Bible Commentary
    Audio New Testaments Click on your country's flag to translate this site!
    AltaVista Babel Fish Translation

    Language Teacher®. Electronic pocket talking translators

    Topics Online Magazine for Learners of English.

    Currency Converter
    Time Converter

    50 BEST Sites in 60 Minutes SLIDESHARE

    2Lingual is BEST Bilingual Search Engine!

    Web 20-21st Century Tools

    Click to search in your own language!

    TeachiT Video Lessons on IT/Ed Tech

    Other Translations Here:

    Dicts Info’s index page shows Flags and Links to free Web Dictionaries in about 80 languages.

    ESL DISCUSSIONS on Topics A-Z!
    All with Lesson Plans & Word/PDFiles.

    Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling

    ESL Student & Teaching Links

    Great Reading, Speaking & Vocabulary Activities

    This site uses WordChamp to automatically translate words on this page into about 140 languages! CLICK for a free account so you can also SAVE new words into files.
    Change Target Language Here:

    Enable/disable reader bubbles:

    Asia-Pacific CALL Top Teacher Resource Sites

    APA CALL President J-B Son's Homepage
    CALL Resources and Research

    Internet-Based Language Instruction (IBLI)
    Sample Work from J-B Son's Students

    Internet-Based Language Teaching
    (Roger Underwood Collection)

    Distance & Self-Access Language Programs

    English Specialist
    English Specialist

    EFL practice exercises

    Web 2.0 Tools Slideshow

    Information Technology Tools

    "BEST of the Best"
    of Larry Ferlazzo’s most highly recommended websites to help you teach English, ESL or EFL!

    The Best Websites Summarized
    The "Best of the Best" Websites of 2007-2008

    Website With 8,000 Links

    Larry Ferlazzo, Teacher

    International Children’s Digital Library
    10,000+ Children’s Stories in many languages.

    READ & HEAR Folktales and Legends from around the world!

    More World Folktales from ESL Station

    Speak English Today

    “Get in the Sandbox & Play with Us Kids!Eby using Twiddla Co-Browsing Tool Here:
    Twiddle this page!

    Top ESL/TESOL Programs
    Find top online and local ESL/TESOL programs and request free info. Learn more about starting an exciting career in bilingual and ESL teaching today!

    Top Text-to-Speech Program Online (TTS)
    Multi-Lingual Online Translator with Sound and Avatar!

    ESL Gold
    ESL Gold explained in 15 languages!

    ESL Point
    ESL Point

    A treasure trove of material for teaching and learning English


    Mingoville is the world's most creative and comprehensive English language course online for kids of all ages.

    Great Picture Book Maker!

    Enchanted Learning
    Enchanted Learning

    Encyclopedia for Kids

    List of A-Z Links to various language Encyclopedias and their Histories

    Top 20 Web-based language learning activities/tasks - Andy Johnson’s annotated list of most useful CALL sites

    Software sales

    Free Language Translation Bar for 10 Languages.

    Translate this page offers DAILY WORD PUZZLES, Root Word Study, etc to enhance vocabulary mastery and written/verbal skills with Latin & Greek roots.

    Google Language Translation Tools
    (Lite Version)

    Google Multiple Language Search Engines & Translation Tools
    (Input any URL or text)

    Voice Thread Collaborative Site for Educators

    Add Audio (TTS) to Any Blog!

    Media Converter

    Use Universal Messenger for free media and file transfers. makes Mobile Publishing easy.
    Access ANY size Device/Document/Image ANYWHERE!

    Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games.

    Free Test of your vocabulary in English, Chinese, German, Japanese, Spanish or Turkish. Test Preparation free for GRE, SAT, TOEFL Tests. Speed-Reading Practice and Word Games. offers many FREE Vocabulary Tests online.

    Click on the V to check how many words you know in English.

    V-Check or can freely test your level!

    Easy Dolch Word List Crossword Puzzles

    fun with vocabulary

    Computer Adaptive Test of Vocabulary Size & Strength

    Take this free Vocabulary Size Test!

    WordSmart: Test Your Vocab Level!

    Free Vocabulary Levels Tests at LexTutor
    Includes Receptive/Recognition and Interactive Productive Vocabulary Tests; Word Association and Yes/No Tests

    PROGRAMS MEASURING READABILITY provides Readability Scores for any Web pages and MS Word files in a flash!

    The Internet Application for Creating Curriculum-Based Assessment Reading Probes

    Improving Online Text Readability

    Analyze text content using this free text analysis tool.

    Discovery School
    "The Thrill of Discovery in Your Classroom"

    English Learning Resources
    Ken Schmidt’s Short-List

    the Language Resource Room

    Word Surfing vocabulary learning strategies

    Top ESL & Teacher Sites

    TESOLMAX Top Sites Top Sites
    The Top Sites for English Learners

    ESL Web Guide: Your Guide to the Best ESL/EFL Websites! Recommendations from Dave’s ESL Cafe.

    SEO - create one way text link ads to your website for top search engine listings.

    I Love Languages

    Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Students

    ITESLJ's Interesting Things for ESL / EFL Teachers

    MES English games and other ESL / EFL resources for teachers

    Foreign Word
    translation wizard with free simultaneous access to over 265 dictionaries for 73 languages

    Perceptia Press
    EConversation, Excel, Music, PowerPoint and Word textbooks. Great texts for personal or class use.
    Click here to order

    Itzalist Webring
    Bilingual Webring

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